Thankful Thursday 2017 Ed.

Thankfulness is a trait that Will and I have endeavored to set as a pillar of our marriage.  Considering we’ve only been married for about 4 1/2 years, I’d say that we are still early on in our marriage.  That pillar of being thankful is still being formed, and this year I plan to use this blog to help foster that.

One of my goals for 2017 is to blog weekly.  I have already failed the first two weeks… To accomplish this goal I realized that I need to ear mark a day for blogging, and Thursdays seem to jump out.  When Will and I were dating, for a while we gave is day of the week its own trait.  Thursdays were Thankful Thursday.   So, at least for the first part of the year, we are embarking on Thankful Thursday – 2017 Edition.

Thankful Thursday - 2017 Ed.

Here’s why I think Thankfulness is so important. If the love of money, or the love of more if you will, is the root of all kinds of evils (1 Tim. 6:10) – then thankfulness is the opposite.  Thankfulness is the root of all kinds of goodness.  Thankfulness fosters joy, it fosters generosity, it fosters love, patience, and selflessness. 

Short and sweet.  That is my goal for the year and my heart for this space.  I want the Pomeroy Life to keep building and strengthening that pillar of thankfulness.  I want to record our daughters smiles and frowns, firsts and falls. To cherish our friends and family. And ultimately to uplift God who blessed me with the breath in my lungs, His Son Jesus, and all the rest which is just the icing on the cake.

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

Here’s to 2017, to goals, to being thankful!  What are some of your goals for 2017?  What are you thankful for?

Pausing for Thankfulness

This evening, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, & all weekend – let’s commit to be present. Click To Tweet

Thanksgiving is my husband’s favorite holiday.  I am not kidding when I say that he starts looking forward to it in September.   He LOVES the food, but I think it is more than that too.  Will is what I call “a notice of life.”  He notices the small sights hidden along the path to the big horizon view. As such, I think he appreciates Thanksgiving because it lines up with his character.  He is grateful for the reminder to notice and be thankful for all that he has.

there really aren't enough ways to say how thankful I am for Will and for our marriage. Sure we frustrate each other sometimes, we get busy and don't see much of each other sometimes, but then there are the moments when you pause and realize how thankful you are for the other person no matter what.
there really aren’t enough ways to say how thankful I am for Will and for our marriage. Sure we frustrate each other sometimes, we get busy and don’t see much of each other sometimes, but then there are the moments when you pause and realize how thankful you are for the other person no matter what.

This year I want to be particularly thankful.  We have so many things that we take for granted.  It’s easy to be caught up in the chase of financial security, a better title at work, a bustling social calendar, a trendier closet, or just a life that is more convenient.

I have nothing against convenience, saving for retirement, promotions, social life, or decent clothes.  In fact, I like all of those things and pursue all of those things.  What I am trying to rewire my brain to do is be against the constant pursuit of the next thing and more things. Where is the time to appreciate what you have?

So this evening, Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, and this whole weekend – let’s commit to be present with our friends and family.

Let’s commit to noticing and observing the details of our lives.

I have officially lived for a quarter of a century
I have officially lived for a quarter of a century
Last month we celebrated having Izzy for 3 years =)
Last month we celebrated having Izzy for 3 years =)
I am thankful for my mom, and the simple but profound pleasure, comfort, community, energy, and delight that a cup of coffee brings
I am thankful for my mom, and the simple but profound pleasure, comfort, community, energy, and delight that a cup of coffee brings
My mom came and spent the weekend doing life with me =)
My mom came and spent the weekend doing life with me =)
It's so great to have community to go through life with, and celebrating them is even more of a blessing than being celebrated yourself!
It’s so great to have community to go through life with, and celebrating them is even more of a blessing than being celebrated yourself!

Over the next few days let’s examine that we live in the “first world,” and consequently, we have so much to be thankful for.  Most of our problems are #firstworldproblems.  For example, I am going to be thankful for the iPads (yes plural) and the desktop computer we have rather than being frustrated by the fact that my laptop died.

Let’s commit to taking inventory and counting our blessings – OUR blessings.  The blessings we have – not counting and comparing the blessings someone else has or that we wish we had.

Let’s commit to pausing for thankfulness.

Put on your stretchy pants and fill your belly, but let’s also have stretchy hearts – bursting at the seams with gratitude for all the things God has done, all the things God has protected us from, and all the love that He has filled our lives with.

And then there is this beautiful world that God has placed me in. If you can't be thankful for anything else, look around - beauty is everywhere.
And then there is this beautiful world that God has placed me in. If you can’t be thankful for anything else, look around – beauty is everywhere.
Put on your stretchy pants ,fill your belly, but also have stretchy hearts; full of gratitude. Click To Tweet

The #1 Difference Maker in Our Move – Community

Happy Friday Everyone!  I like to save particularly happy posts for Fridays, so today I will tell about the BEST part of our move! Yesterday I shared four logistical tips that we learned from our move. Today I want to share with you what really made all the difference in our move – our community.

Sure there are lots of perks (like not having to start the car in the morning anymore because Ellie is snug in the garage), but these particular keys to our smooth moving process look beyond the physical and get to the parts of life that truly matter.  My word for the year is “Treasure,” because I want to learn to treasure what God treasures and see the true lasting value in people, things, and experiences.  I am sure that the Walsh House will play a large role in that lesson, starting with the moving day.  More important than a successful organization system or how much of our house we had unpacked/set up that first day are the people who helped us get there.

5. Family & Friends

Part of the reason we began perusing buying a house was to put down roots in our community of friends and in what God is doing here in this city.  Because of that desire, our desire for closeness with our friends, a search for wisdom and guidance, and our general policy of openness – we included our family and friends in this adventure of becoming home owners from start to finish.  Our Realtor was even a friend of ours!

Our families would get updates every time we went looking at houses.  After we saw the Walsh House… they received even more phone calls and texts asking for guidance, sharing excitement, and asking for prayer.  Our friends were involved, praying, and sharing in our excitement all along as well.  God even worked out the timing perfectly enough that we were at a game night with several of our good friends when our Realtor called saying the sellers wanted to work with us and gave us the final offer for the house.  What a way to celebrate!

Logistically, our family and friends helped a ton!  Will and I were blown away by how much my parents (who had to drive 10 hours to get here and then 10 hours home after helping us out tirelessly for 3 days) helped us accomplish!  Thanks to them we painted 3 bedrooms, a bathroom, the kitchen, the dining room, and a two toned living room before we moved in.  They also put a bunch of elbow grease into helping clean our old place.

The Moms getting her paint on.
The Moms getting her paint on.

Will’s Mom, sister, and Gram came to help on moving day.  Their hard work, van space,  and knowledge of how we keep our stuff was invaluable on move in day.  They hauled so many boxes and helped set up our bedroom, kitchen, living room, and everything!  They even brought us house warming gifts to help us continue to turn the Walsh House into the Pomeroy Home.

Our friends all came over and helped load and unloaded boxes, move all the furniture, assemble shelves and tables, and just make the whole process more enjoyable with their smiles and laughs.  Seriously, what would have taken Will and I days to do took our friends and family a few hours.  God’s love and Jesus’ servant attitude was alive and filling up our new home from the very beginning.

6. Prayer

We prayed a lot about buying a house.  We asked God to only open the doors He wanted us to walk through and close all others.  We asked our friends and family to pray for it as well. We prayed for a stress free move with all emotions in check, we prayed for an easy painting process, we prayed for a safe move and safe travels for our families, we prayed for peace, and we have prayed that God would use this new house for the glory of His name and to be a little spot of His kingdom here on earth.  You know what…. all of those prayers have been answered.  The move was pretty dang painless, and by God’s grace I managed to not be overly stressed.  Painting was a breeze.  Our families traveled safely.  It’s been one of those seasons where you enjoy the privilege of watching God show up and show off. 

7.  “Breaking Bread”

We broke in our new house with City BBQ as a thank you to our family and friends for being there for us emotionally, spiritually, and even physically with the move itself.  Nothing makes a house feel more like a home than filling it with people you care about who also care about you and sharing a meal with them.  Jesus shared meals with people all of the time.

In those moments, it doesn’t matter if your house came off the pages of Better Homes and Gardens or if it is just a pile of boxes.  Good Food + Good People = Good Times.  That pause in the midst of the transition created space for memories and laughter.  Space to make sure that we appreciated what God is doing in our lives, where He had us, where He is taking us, and who He has running along side us.


Will and I were blown away by God, our families, our friends, and how God shined through them throughout this whole process.   Sometimes there are seasons when we don’t feel close to God, don’t see Him moving – seasons when we feel stagnate.  This is not one of those seasons.  This has been one of those seasons when all you can do is look around and stand in awe and wonder.

I don’t know why God loves us the way he does.  I know that I don’t deserve it, but I still know that He loves us like crazy.  It’s fun to be His kid.  I hope that these experiences of ours encourage you, boost your joy, refresh your hope, and remind you that God loves us and He comes through.  We are all blessed in one way or another; now for the adventure of finding out why.



Happy Hour Friday – Mystery Date Night

Today is Happy Hour Friday!  And it’s a complete mystery!  I don’t know what Hubster is getting me to drink, but even more so…. He’s taking me on a mystery date!

He put it on the calendar 2 or 3 weeks ago, and told me to be sure that I didn’t schedule anything else for tonight.  Based on this Mystery Date, I have to say, I think he is really starting to figure out my personality.  I prefer Mystery to Surprise.

What I mean is that I would rather know for a few days that we are going on a mystery date, look forward to it, know it’s coming, and plan accordingly.  Versus go about my day like normal and have my evening game plan worked out already, have things ready for dinner, etc…  and then “SURPRISE!  Get in the car; all your plans are changing at this moment!”  Surprises have their place, they are romantic, and if you pick the right day to surprise me or your surprise is a random cookie or going out to grab some ice cream then no biggy, that’s wonderful!  But when it comes to actual dates, I respond much better to mystery rather than surprise.

Pictures from a few of our recent dates.... what will get added tonight?!
Pictures from a few of our recent dates…. what will get added tonight?!

Here are the clues I have gathered about tonight’s festivities:

  • There is not food involved
  • It is something that there is an actual start time for
  • It requires some sort of printed documentation
  • Will’s wearing a button down and jeans
  • I shouldn’t wear heels but any other footwear is acceptable
  • It’s here in town
  • I’m not positive, but I think he may have a Groupon for it.
  • We have to leave pretty quickly once I get home from work
  • And I think it’s lasting for several hours

Here are my guesses as to what we are doing:

  • Some sort of concert, play, comedian, or show (there are lots of those types of things this time of year)
  • Dance lessons (highly doubtful)
  • one of those make your own painting/pottery classes (we did this once before and it was fun)

Come back tonight to find out the answer to the mystery!


Mystery Date Night, sadly was postponed for a couple of nights due to winter weather.  So instead Will and  I went for a walk in the snow to go get some Mexican food.  We came home, layered on some blankets, and decided on a new show to tackle.  We finished Smallville a few weeks ago and needed something new to commit to.  We landed on Alias.  So that night we watched the first few episodes and drank marshmallows…. I mean hot chocolate.  But really, look at all those marshmallows:

Izzy Pup wants some too
Izzy Pup wants some too

Mystery Date Night Act 2 happened on Sunday evening when Will took me to see A Christmas Carol at UK!  They did a great job!  And so did Will =).  I enjoy going to plays.  I might even prefer to the movies.  So hubster gets two thumbs up for this date night!  especially for sticking with it.

mystery date night

Intentional Thankfulness

Day 28: I’m thankful for intentional thankfulness

November isn’t over yet, but I think today’s the best day to layout this month’s learnings.


Now, to be clear I might be the one who’s been doing all the writing, but this challenge is something that Will and I have very much been doing together. It’s been a very fruitful month. I don’t think our house has been so full of cheer since we first got married or first got Izzy. Thankfulness changes everything

Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. – 1 Thessalonians 5:16-1

Our eyes were opening up to how ungrateful our attitudes had become. We were coasting. We were lack-luster.  It’s funny the way life’s timing works out. Two days after realizing that we lacked thankfulness, we went to church and the sermon was on thankfulness.  The verse above was the nail in the coffin for us…. I don’t know if you caught the last part of that verse or not, but it says that it is <strong>God’s will </strong> for us to be thankful. God’s will! Will and I talk a lot about our dreams for life and what we think God’s will is. Well, I have to say that I have never thought about thankfulness being Part of it.

This means you even need to be thankful for the “mess” in your life. To explain that, I am thankful for the huge whole in our kitchen floor because it wouldn’t be there if we didn’t have Izzy.

Intentional thankfulness also means CHOOSING to be thankful. Choosing to be thankful for the things Will and I adore about each other rather than letting the little things annoy and frustrate us.

Intentional thankfulness means hugs, kisses, small celebrations, appreciating the little things, lots of cocoa with EXTRA marshmallows, and laughing. Laughing is key.

There is still a month left in this holiday season, rather than getting caught up in the hubbub whirlwind, the shopping, and the parties walk through it with the intention of being thankful for and savoring each and every Christmas cookie, slice of pie, laugh, friend, card, and even the freezing temperatures.

Be  intentional about being thankful. It will change every facet of your life.

A New Challenge: 30 Days of Thankfulness

I have been a particularly lousy blogger these last couple of months, and it’s time to rectify that. For November I am going to attempt to blog everyday (yes.  I know I am a couple days late).  I see a lot of people doing a 30 Days of Thankfulness Challenge with their Facebook statuses.  I am going to attempt to do that with the blog.

I guess I need to fill you in on 3 things that I am  thankful for in order to catch up:

1) Comrades

photo Credit: Erica MacDonald at The Pinnacles in Berea, KY
photo Credit: Erica MacDonald at The Pinnacles in Berea, KY

Will and I have found community, but more importantly we have found comrades.   I have never been a girl’s girl.  Never had much luck being friends with other females.  But that group of women I went hiking with yesterday – they don’t just fill up the lonely moments, they have my back.  They call out the best in me.

2) Operation Hair Chop

15 inches gone!
15 inches gone!

The other big news item I have is that I got 15 INCHES cut off of my hair!  Remember last October when I tried to con everyone into believing I got dreadlocks? That never happened, but Operation Hair Chop really did.  Much thanks to the ladies above for encouraging me to do it and even coming to be moral support for the big event.

My hair literally was down to the top of my jeans.  It was in desperate need of a trim – several inches of trimming.  I have secretly wanted to chop my hair off for a long time; 5 years long time.  But I haven’t mentioned it to anyone other than Will because everyone always told me never to cut my hair.  You could say that my hair was a large part of identity.  Everyone knew me for it, and everyone always complimented me on it.  But on the inside…. I really just wanted to chop it off.

And thankfully I finally did!  My friend Kim came as moral support for Operation Hair chop.   You can see all of her pictures and her take of it in her blog about it here.  As I told her, part of the way I psyched myself into this was the idea of donating my hair so that someone who needs a wig can have one.  People always were complimenting me on my beautiful locks, so why not give someone else the opportunity to soak up some encouraging compliments?

I love it!  I am so glad that I made the decision to do it!  Oh and the best part – Will didn’t know.  He came home from a work trip to me with no hair!  He really likes it =)

3) Our “Family” Pictures


Way back in our long-distance days, Will spent more time in KS visiting me while I was in school than I spent in KY.  Consequently, we have more and better pictures (like the couple hundred awesome engagement photos) back in Kansas.  We both have wanted pictures here in Kentucky, and more specifically, on the farm.  We have a lot of memories and a lot of dreams here;  we wanted some photos to commemorate them.  We talked about using our one year as an excuse to make that happen, but we decided we’d rather wait till the fall when the farm hillsides are dressed in brilliant colors, and the hay has been baled.   Our good friend Erica takes great pictures.  She was super flexible with us and even came all the way from Lexington to take pictures around the farm for us.  I am really thankful for these pictures.  And thankful that Izzy even snuck into a few of them!  I know that these pictures will be treasured memories of our early days.   To see more of them, check out Erica’s album on Facebook here.

IMG_5997 IMG_5923 IMG_4596 IMG_6088

Tomorrow I will share something else that I am thankful for!  Oh what will it be?!

What have you been thankful for the last three days?