Life on the Run

This was a speech I gave this week.

How many of you have ever run some point?  This means we have something in common.

For me, my life on the run started at Age 4. At 4 I made two very key decisions that sculpted the rest of my life. Right now you’re probably doubting the ability to stick to a decision made at age 4, then you must not have anybody else with as much German and Irish stubbornness in them as I have.

Throughout my life those two decisions shaped my goals, the things that I pursued, and how I pursued them. I lived life on the run. I was on the run physically and metaphorically. Let me take a minute to tell you about that and how it got me where I am now.

Life on the Run

The first decision.

The first decision I made at 4 was to play soccer. I remember it clearly.  I was sitting on the couch with my parents watching the evening news, and they were doing a special about this new up and coming sport for kids – soccer. I told my parents that I wanted to play soccer, and I never looked back. I played from age 4 until I graduated college at 21.  Now here’s a secret about me – I’m actually not that great at soccer. My best attribute is my ability to run. I play midfield which means I run the whole field, the whole game.

life on the run
my senior season.

After my final college soccer season, I needed a new way to stay fit to maintain that jock identity I had developed and more importantly to look good in my wedding dress.  So I signed up for a half-marathon, and running turned into my sport of choice, if you will, for life after college. I’ve run four half marathons and one full marathon.  I actually qualified for the Boston Marathon, but I’m unable to run it in April now because we found out in December that were expecting our first child coming this August so that makes me 16 weeks pregnant right now.

The second decision.

I remember vividly, one night when I was 4 was sneaking out of bed, finding my parents, sitting with them in my yellow footy pajamas, and asking how to have Jesus in my heart. I grew up in a Christian home, and I was taught to take responsibility for my own faith, developing my own relationship with the Lord.  All throughout high school and college I spent my summers going on overseas mission trips. I actually took a year off of college to do a ministry internship. I met my husband in China where we were both on a mission trip. Throughout every season of my life throughout all the ups and downs, that one thing has been constant. No matter if I doubted or if I was on fire, God was always there.

life on the run
Some beautiful girls we saw on our trip to Haiti in 2015.

So what do these two things have to do with my life on the run?

No matter how good you are or try to be; crap still happens. I’ve had a pretty good life but there are plenty of things I tried to run from. I’ve tried to run from God, I’ve tried to run from responsibility, I’ve tried to run from the trials and not deal with them. And I’ve tried to do this by physically running. It used to be that when life got hard I would throw myself into soccer or I throw myself into my workouts – even to the point of injury. Because I was trying to to run away from what was happening on my life. Running and throwing myself into soccer was my way of trying to cope and escape. I was trying to put distance between myself and something.

Let’s face it.  No matter how far or fast you run – you can’t escape things.  You can never put enough distance between you and that thing.  You will always be living your life on the run.

Colorado 2015 (47)
No matter how far you run, it will never be far enough.

Through my college years, God taught me to stop running from and start running through things as I run towards Him and what He has for me. If you will run towards God, He will be faithful to run along side of you, to help you through it.   Stop trying to put a negative distance between you and whatever you are running from.  Run towards God, run through it, and put a positive distance of strength and healing between you and what life throws at you.

By running towards God I have found the courage to run through the trials. Even if that’s a scary unknown like going back to school for dietetics and starting to work for Trainer Joe. Or deciding to go to China where I met Will. Deciding to date a guy in Kentucky and then deciding to get married, move to Kentucky, and leave my family/life in Kansas. And now with this baby on the way, it’s knowing that God is running with me that keeps me calm.

life on the run
When you run towards God, you aren’t running alone.

My challenge to you is what are you running from? What are you running through? And what are you running to?  Spring is upon us.  To truly get out of the winters of our lives and enjoy the newness of spring – what trial or hard question do you need to run through instead of from?

Love and Prayers,

Crossing the Finish Line

Saturday morning came.  I approached the starting line, and 3 hours 22 minutes and 8 seconds later I crossed the finish line.

KDF Marathon
Me before the race.   I run because it’s what I can do.

At the suggestion of a friend of mine who PR’d in the half-marathon, I read up on Thursday about how to run in the rain. I never run in the rain.  I don’t enjoy it, and I am afraid of slipping.  One of the perks of having a gym with an indoor track is that I have a place to run when the weather is bad – which is the only way I was able to get in enough training for this race.

I went to Kohl’s on Friday night and bought some new shorts that would hopefully help prevent chafing (they did!), I put to use that free hat they gave us this year because it’s breathable unlike my other baseball hats, and I put to use my Brook’s long-sleeved shirt from the Iron Horse Half in 2013 and the Asics shirt they gave out for this race. Both of those shirts are moisture wicking, not cotton, and lightweight. Another tip I put to good use – Vaseline.  It makes a barrier to help prevent chafing from clothes and blisters from your socks and shoes.  If it’s cold, it can also help keep you warm.

KDF Marathon
This is the first race that I haven’t worn my “Red Racing Shorts” or since I was wearing them the first time Will saw me “the Husband Getting Shorts.”

Now for the real stuff, let me just tell you, I was dying.  God gave me a lot of stubbornness, which usually I think is more of a character flaw than a gift – not on Saturday morning folks.  Stubbornness helped me keep pushing my way through.  That and the slogan on the shirts this year “I run because…” I knew why I was running.  I was running because of a commitment that I made to myself, to Orphan Care Alliance, to all of you who donated (THANK YOU!), and to God.  Running is something God gave me the ability to do decently well, so I run because sometimes I get the opportunity to use that gift for the greater good, to make the world a better place, to make an impact.

I have to say I have never been more sore and exhausted, but more happy at the same time.  Ok, maybe when we won nationals my junior year.  Finishing this marathon is definitely right up there with bending in a corner kick and being part of an amazing team of girls who were national champions in college.

I know that I ran 25 miles 3 weeks ago, but I have only run over 15 miles 4 times in my life.  That isn’t a strong base, which is why my legs felt like they were going to fall off from about mile 17 on.  I sorta knew that would be the case though, so I strategized a little for it.  Three weeks ago when I ran 25 miles, I realized that I had a shot of finishing with a Boston qualifying time – much faster than the guess I plugged when I registered.  My bib had me placed in coral B at the starting line, which was the 3:30 pace group for the marathon.  To qualify for Boston I needed to be under 3:34. I knew that my legs were going to start hurting, and that consequently I would slow down.  Rather than stick with the 3:30 group which I knew I could do, I jumped up a coral to the 3:20 group.

KDF Marathon (6)


As sore as that made my legs, I don’t regret it.  I ran the first 12 miles at a crazy fast pace with a woman I met at the starting line.  Guess what?! She is a dietitian!  That’s what I am going to to school for at the moment. It was so encouraging to meet her and hear her story and passion.  I feel like that was a gift from God.  She ended up finishing 7 minutes ahead of me because I had to slow way down after running so fast for so long, but it made the first part of the race very enjoyable despite being sprinkled on.

After that, the hills came.  Then I hit the wall around miles 15-17.  That was terrible.  I kept thinking “This is too soon;  I have too far to go to feel like this right now.”  But some crowd encouragement, remembering why I was running, and a little prayer helped me muster through it.  As I was pushing through “the wall” to a second wind the rain came.  COLD rain – about half an hour of it.  I was soaked, freezing, couldn’t really feel my fingers, and extremely grateful for the free hat that they gave us. The rain stopped after that, but there were still several miles to go.  Miles 20-22 were a difficult stretch, but again God placed someone right there to talk to and be an encouragement to each other. After a quick prayer at mile 22, God gave me the final boost of energy and stubbornness I needed to keep putting one in front of the other.  I knew that the distance I had left was the same distance I run from the gym to our house – I just needed to make it home to where Hubster was waiting, proud, with warm dry clothes.

I finally made it to the home stretch.  I turned the corner for the finish line (about 200 yards I would say).  Will was right there as I was turning with a HUGE, proud smile on his face.  Seeing someone love you enough to stand in the rain while you do something crazy is a pretty good motivator.  I kicked it into the highest gear I had left for those last couple hundred yards and heard them say my name as I crossed the finish line.  Running in a race gives so much more understanding and depth to Hebrews 12:1-2 and 2 Timothy 4:7.

After the race.  I have never understood why they give out those emergency blankets, until today!
After the race. I have never understood why they give out those emergency blankets, until today!

I did it.  My first ever full-marathon.  3:22:08.  12 minutes under Boston Qualifying.  I was so exhausted, sore, and excited all at the same time.  I wasn’t sure if I was going to throw up, cry, or be able to move again. I really did feel nauseous (the rest of the day), and I did almost start crying (especially once I found Will again), and seriously… I have never “walked” so slowly in my life.

On the way home in my nice dry clothes.  Shout out to McDonalds on Market Street for being such gracious hosts to all of us runners!
On the way home in my nice dry clothes.
Shout out to McDonalds on Market Street for being such gracious hosts to all of us runners!

When we got home I took a hot shower and did a yoga video called “Runner’s Stretch and Unwind.”  Then we napped, and then Will and I ate this GIANT Reese’s Bunny he had been saving for me for the last month as I was trying to stay away from sugar till the race was over.

After our nap we went to John’s Walk Run Shop.  What better way to celebrate a marathon, than with some new running shoes?  AND these are my favorite color!  I can’t wait till my legs recover enough to take them for a spin!

Mizuno Wave Riders This is a new brand/style for me.  I am excited!
Mizuno Wave Riders
This is a new brand/style for me. I am excited!

Thank you all for your support, prayers, and encouragement.  I definitely could not have finished that race without it.  Without my amazingly loving/supportive Hubster, my family, some God given athleticism and stubbornness, and I wouldn’t have run this fast without the help of soccer teams and guy friends past who taught me I am faster than I realize.

Here’s to hoping I make the cut when registration for Boston opens up later this year!  You can see below that not only did I finish the race and raise around $900, but I was the 132 person to finish the marathon, the 23 woman to finish, and the third woman age 20-24 to finish. I ran an average of 7:43/mile.  Apparently that’s really good for a first timer because everyone I was running around was on their 6+ marathon and was very shocked to find out it was my first.

KDF Marathon (4)


All in all, it was a great experience.  I am glad I did it.  I learned a lot about myself, even more about how great Will is, and experienced so much kindness from everyone’s support and donations to OCA.



I posted this too soon I guess, they just updated the OCA page, and God brought in $10 more than my goal!  Thank you to everyone who gave!  You were part of raising $1010 for Orphan Care Alliance (all of the runners for OCA combined raised about nearly $10,000)!!!!  So blown away!!!!

Approaching the Starting Line

Race weekend is upon us.  Hubster just took me to register and get my shirt and bib! Earlier today I went to get the necessary pre & post race snacks.  And the butterflies in my stomach are getting warmed up.

picking up my race bib!
picking up my race bib!

It’s been exciting to watch God bring in $700 through my efforts and thousands more through other OCA runners’ efforts.  And it’s not to late to donate if you want to, but haven’t yet:  I made a commitment to do what I can to help, to be the boots on the ground “earning” (for lack of a better word) that $700 and raising awareness.  Well, it’s about time to really honor that commitment.

This year I got a free hat along with my free shirt this year - perks of running the full?
This year I got a free hat along with my free shirt this year – perks of running the full?

If this was a half marathon, I would not be nervous.  I have ran 4 of those, and I have ran the Derby Half the last two years.  But no this is a FULL MARATHON.  That’s 26.2 miles and hopefully only 3 and half hours of running (only…).  I know I ran 25 miles, but that was 3 weeks ago in gorgeous weather without thousands of other runners and spectators watching me #strugglebus my way through those last few miles.

Pretty pumped to put this on Ellie after Saturday!
Pretty pumped to put this on Ellie after Saturday!

With Saturday morning’s starting gun imminent would you join me in praying for these things:

  • No Rain!
  • Energy, Strength, and my mental game to be on point.
  • That tons last minute donations would pour into OCA from all their runners, just blessing the socks off of the work they are doing in the community. 
  • Giving thanks for the work OCA & it’s volunteers do and asking that it would multiply – making a huge difference in Central, KY.

I have no idea how this is going to go down on Saturday, but what I do know, is that God gave me the ability to run so until He takes it away I will keep putting one foot in front of the other.  I often say that without soccer to play anymore I still a jock, just a jock without purpose.  At the moment I have a purpose – to use the abilities God gave me to glorify Him and raise awareness of the need to love our neighbors and care for the orphans. (Matt. 22:39 & James 1:27).

Saturday Sweat: Marathon Training & OCA Fundraising Update

My first ever marathon is two weeks away – bright and early on April 25th, and I am feeling really confident about it!

This week I started my taper because I needed too, and because we were so busy I did not have much time or energy to squeeze in the training.  I have to admit, I will be glad when the race is over with because training takes up a LOT of time and energy.  It also makes me hungry even more frequently than usual….

That was my weekly summary two weeks ago at the peak of my training.  Keep in mind that time doesn't include time doing yoga or strength training, only time on the road/track.
That was my weekly summary two weeks ago at the peak of my training. Keep in mind that time doesn’t include time doing yoga or strength training, only time on the road/track.

While my training efforts are slowing down, my fundraising is kicking up into high gear!  I have raised $525 so far.  To those of you have given, your generosity has blown me away!  Adoption is a cause near and dear to Will and I’s heart, and raising money for Orphan Care Alliance has only made us long for the day when we can adopt even more. 

I would really like to raise $475 more dollars over the next two weeks. This really is a great organization doing life-changing work in the area. Please, consider giving even if it’s only $10; because every little bit helps. 

It will be a little bittersweet come April 25th when this experience is over.  While I will be glad to not have the constraint of training, I will be sad to not have the thrill of watching God bring in funds and give me the ability/energy to make it through these LONG runs.

Here is the link to donate to OCA  Look for my name in the drop down menu.  If you prefer to donate by check, make it out to Orphan Care Alliance and give it to me to mail in with the proper form.

Two weeks left!  Let’s see how much God can bring in.

That was last Saturday.  The climax of my training, and the most I have ever run (till April 25th).  Man, was I sore afterwards...
That was last Saturday. The climax of my training, and the most I have ever run (till April 25th). Man, was I sore afterwards…

Saturday Sweat – Fundraising and Marathon Training Update

Last month I shared that I am training for a marathon and am partnering with the organization Orphan Care Alliance, an organization that helps support families wishing to adopt and also mentors children who are aging out of the system.  I wanted to put an update out there.


As of today, I am up to 22 miles and over $400.  If you have already donated, thank you! If you would like to donate, here’s the link: (you can also give me a check if you would like and I can turn that in for you).  I would love to raise at least $1,000, which I am almost half way there!  OCA’s goal is for all of their runners to collectively raise $15,000.  Even if you can only give $10 it would be a help to this organization that is showing so much love in our community.

After her first run in about 2 months, and my first run outside in a month.
After her first run in about 2 months, and my first run outside in a month.

The last two long runs I have done have both been 2 miles farther than I have ever gone before.  It’s daunting knowing that the goal for your weekend jog is to break your own records… Knowing why I have committed to this race, to the distance of 26.2 miles on April 25th is what pushes me through.  When I run for myself and by my own strength I don’t usually make it as far as I had planned.  The days when I remember that athleticism is a gift God gave me and what I am using it for – those are the days when I make it 18, 20, and now 22 miles.

my first time ever running 20 miles.
my first time ever running 20 miles.

Several of my friends are involved in what OCA is doing here in the Bluegrass.  I know that they are really brightening kids’ lives, showing them God’s love, bringing His kingdom here to the earth.  They are helping to change the future of those who are hidden and less than.  I would like to raise another $600 (that would bring me to $1000) to help support them.  Here’s the link again: .

this weekend's run.
this weekend’s run.

Help me Run for Orphan Care Alliance

As you know I run a decent amount.  I always have been, and always will be a jock.  Something that I have only recently discovered is how to use that for other’s benefit. This year I am trying to use my physical abilities and hobbies to benefit the orphaned right here in our area.  I’ll be the boots on the ground putting in the miles, but I would like to ask that you join in prayer and possibly even financial support.


After my first two half marathons hubster challenged me to run a full marathon.  The plan was to run a full marathon last April, but then Mother Nature sent her titan the Polar Vortex.  Lexington was covered in snow, ice, and frigid temperatures… much like it is now.  Last year, I let the weather get in my way and keep me from training enough.  I cut my full down to yet another half marathon, but a friend of mine and I were still able to use our halves to raise funds for one of the local homeless shelters.

This year is different.  I finally broke down and bought a gym membership, so I can run despite the weather (thanks hubster for being so supportive and putting that in our budget!).  I am back up to 15 miles, so I will be ready by the end of April.  I won’t qualify for Boston or anything, but I will run these elusive 26.2 miles.  And hopefully I am going to do some good in the process!

OCA Logo


This year I am part of a team of runners helping to raise money for Orphan Care Alliance (OCA).  OCA is a nonprofit organization with a heart to show love to the fatherless, the children with no one else to love on them.  Their work includes supporting families who want to adopt and providing mentors for children who are aging out of the foster care system.  Someday Will and I would love to adopt.

Adoption is such a powerful picture of what Jesus did for us on the cross, and it is one of the most impactful ways that you can change the life of another person.  Adoption isn’t an option for us just yet; so for now I am going to use my hobby to help raise awareness and funds for those people who are reaching out and impacting the orphans in our society.

OCA is currently spreading its ministry into the Lexington area.  Some of our friends are involved in their new efforts to start life coaching in Lexington.  One of my friends, Terra actually is helping lead these efforts and she will be sharing more of her heart and outlook on the ministry later.

For now I want to leave you with this link and ask that you join me in my efforts.  We want to make a difference in this community, in the people around us.  OCA is trying to raise $15,000 through their team of runners in this marathon.  So far they have over $4,000.  Will you help me help them reach their goal?  Help show the kids who think they are less than that they have value.  This money will help mentor kids with no parents to guide them.  To help show them a way through life and the transforming love of Jesus.

Follow this link and click on my picture to donate online  If you would like to donate with cash or check I have a form for that and would be glad to submit your donation for you.

running 1

Thank you for your support whether it’s thoughts, prayers, financial, or maybe even finding a way to be involved with the orphaned and those in need of a loving mentor in your neck of the woods.

Run Your Own Race

Lately something that Will and I have been talking about a lot is the concept of running our own race. Before you confuse this with another Saturday Sweat post about half marathon training and the like – I am talking about the race of life.

Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, 2 looking to Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is seated at the right hand of the throne of God. ~Hebrews 12:1-2

Disclaimer: 1) sorry this post got long.  2) These thoughts that I am about outline are not necessarily based on a study of doctrine or even that much experiential support as I am not that old and have only been married 2 years. These are just my thoughts. Those of you with more wisdom and knowledge of biblical truth, please comment and steer in the right direction if I am on the wrong one.

Run your own Race - comparison and contentment

I run a lot, and when you run you have to remember to go at your own pace, run your own race. It doesn’t matter who’s whizzing past you or how many people you pass. All that matters is you do what you can; if you try to run someone else’s race it won’t go that well for you.

I think that the same thing applies to life. You can’t compare your race to everyone else’s. It doesn’t matter what the people around you are involved in or accomplishing. If that’s not your race then don’t run it. Let go of comparison and find contentment.  Let go of your plans and find God’s.

There are several areas of life I have seen the need to abide by this principle in.  For starters, I have been learning that I can’t even compare my race to what it used to be. Our first year and a half of marriage I had time to cook dinner most evenings. I had time to make healthy, less processed granola bars for me and toaster strudel for Will (yes, HOMEMADE toaster strudel). Not this fall. Sometimes I let that get to me – like I am not being as amazing of a wife as I should be. But that’s not true. The truth is the laps of our race aren’t identical.

these homework dates with Brian, Will, and Peggy are becoming a regular part of my race.  And there's nothing wrong with that.  At least I still get to hang out with my husband and some friends!  homework is an infuriating race, but eyes on the prize!

Even in marriage you have to run your own race. Please don’t take that wrong. I am not telling anyone to say “see ya later-ville” to their spouse. Will and I will always run our races together, but we that doesn’t mean they are the same. Take school for example. Our entire relationship one of us has always been in school, but we haven’t always been in school at the same times. I can’t write Will’s thesis for him, and he can’t do all of my Dietetics homework  for me. But we can support each other. I can edit his papers. He can help me when I need it. He cooks and cleans for me sometimes when I am bogged down, and I mow the lawn for him (when I can get the mower started). He can’t run my race for me and vice versa, but we can run our races together.

I think this ties in some with entitlement. Sometimes we see someone get a promotion or buy a house, we compare, we wonder why we aren’t doing that, don’t we deserve it? Maybe you do, maybe you don’t. But life isn’t always about what we deserve (thank the Lord! …no seriously, thank Him. Jesus dying on the cross for me was not what I deserved). Sometimes life is about simply being where you are supposed to be not necessarily where you deserve to be or even where it’s popular to be.

The key is to remember the point of your race.  In the scope of eternity all the other stuff isn't such a big deal.

We grow up being told to be ourselves, be an individual, and chase our dreams. As adults of all ages I think we need to take that to heart still. Be yourself. Don’t compare. Don’t let yourself get caught up chasing people in their race, playing an expensive game of tag trying to keep up with the Jones, or even getting ahead of yourself in your own race.

Be yourself. Run your race. And Trust that God’s got the rest.

Sometimes we just need a reminder that God is bigger than we can imagine and He has a better vantage point and more beautiful plan than we could dream up.
Sometimes we just need a reminder that God is bigger than we can imagine and He has a better vantage point and more beautiful plan than we could dream up.

Live in the moment.  Live in the season that God has you in; He has you there for a reason.

What about you?  Is there a comparison game you are playing?  or a part of your race that you are struggling with?

I hope that something in here resonated with you and/or encouraged you!

<3 & Prayers,


Saturday Sweat: Influenster Gear

This is a sponsored blog post. Influenster provided me with complimentary Victoria’s Secret products to test and review as part of a contest.

A couple of weeks ago I was selected to receive my first VoxBox from Influenster!  The awesome thing is that I got a free sports bra and pair of leggings from Victoria Secret!  I mean as far as free gifts go, that’s pretty great!     20140920_130752 If you’ve been reading the blog for a while, or you just know me really well you know that I run a lot, and I really want to run a full marathon… the time to train for it has just eluded me so far.  Well I am now working towards it again.  The plan is to get back up to 15 miles on my long runs and hang out there for a while during the winter.  I want to build a new base so that when the weather warms up some in the early spring I can start amping up the miles with ease.

This morning I ran 8 miles, and it felt great!

Now, this is all important because when you run as much as I do you get your miles out of your sports gear.  I tend to be cheap and I don’t like to buy much fancy/nice workout stuff because all that would happen is it would get drenched in sweat and warn out.  I got a steal on a nice jacket for running in the winter last year.  And I will splurge a little on shoes, because those are the most important things when you’re feet pound the pavement for 15+ miles every week.

I try to avoid awkward mirror selfies... but some times it can't be helped.  Here's me sporting my new gear.

If you’re a male, feel free to skip this next paragraph. 

My stash of sports bras from college soccer are wearing out on me… I bought one new sports bra already, and new that I needed another.  And then I got an email from Influenster!  What a little blessing from the Lord!  The awesome thing about this bra is that it is made for your actual size!  It fits great on me everywhere except my shoulders, because they are basically non-existent.  So the only flaw for me is that the straps aren’t adjustable.  But if support is important to you then I highly suggest going out and getting one of these suckers! (oh and the leggings are great too… just been a little warm to use them yet).

the non-existent shoulders.  Believe it or not, I can lift things lol.  I am going yoga to try to build some strength.

Saturday Sweat: Race Day & Fundraising Success

Today was Race Day!

I wasn’t going to, but the MC told me to… Pre-Race Selfy!
I wasn’t going to, but the MC told me to…
Pre-Race Selfy!


Woke up at 4:30 am and hit the road to Louisville.  Will had to work today so my parents took me and cheered me on.  The race was a total success!  My friend Andrea and I both set new personal bests!  But the real success was how much money God brought in for the Catholic Action Center!

We set out to raise $1000, and we raised $1100! 


It has been such a blessing to be able to be intentional with my life in that way; to be able to use my hobby for good.  It’s so exciting to watch God use the talents that He wired us with when we surrender them over to Him.  After this fundraising venture it has made  me want to do more.  I wish I could get a backer for every mile I run throughout the year.  So that every step would count for the greater good! So if you know anyone…. send them my way!

As for how I did personally in the race, really great!  I wasn’t expecting to PR today.  I wasn’t really training for speed, just for distance.  Last year when I ran the Derby half my time was 1:42:05.  I finished 689 overall, was the 143rd woman to finish, and 22nd in my division (20-24 year old females).   This year…..


My time was 1:35:52.  I finished 322nd overall out of 16,000 runners, that puts me in the top 2%.  Was the 55th woman to cross the finish line and came in 7th in my division!  That’s quite the improvement!  I wasn’t even trying to improve that much.


Last year Will told me to take it easy so that I would have room to improve.  And when I finished as good as I did he told me I didn’t listen.  This year when I told him my results he asked me how I felt about them, if I was proud of myself.  I just told him that I had 6 girls in my age group to catch up to.  lol.  My parents laughed and told him to get use to it.

All in all, today’s Saturday sweat was a complete success, and all the thanks goes to God, Will, and my parents.



Running for a Cause Update & Encouragement

Running to Raise $1000 for the Homeless Update & Encouragement

Last Saturday I announced that my friend Andrea and I will be running in the Kentucky Derby Festival Half Marathon on April 19th with the hopes of raising $1000 to help out the local Catholic Action Homeless Shelter.

We are training hard for race day.  I ran 14 miles the day I announced our fundraising goal and another 14 yesterday.  Physically I am ready for this race.  Fundraising wise, we have had a handful of pledges come in.  So if you are interested in giving please let us know how much you intend to give to help keep us motivated and to bring glory to God with how much He can do!


I want to share with you an encouraging testimony from a time that Andrea felt led to donate to a friend who was running for a cause.  Our heart is not to guilt anyone into contributing to our fundraising goal, or to bring glory to ourselves.  We just want to encourage everyone to live generously regardless of what you’re giving or giving to.  Generosity can be scary, but it can also be incredibly rewarding.  I hope that something in Andrea’s testimony encourages you and improves your Monday whether or not you donate to the Catholic Action Center.

Andrea and her husband just recently adopted a precious little boy from China. Here is her story – according to her it is just one of many of how God financed the adoption:

Back in October, Matt and I were waiting on what’s called the Referral Acceptance or the LSC (Letter Seeking Confirmation) from China. It is a major milestone in a Chinese adoption because it is the approval letter from the Chinese government for you to adopt your specific child. Once that is in hand, you get to file visa paperwork and buy your plane tickets. Our agency had given us a time window to expect the RA to arrive, and we were several weeks past it by late October. We both had grown really discouraged over it – but of course, there’s nothing you can do but keep waiting.

On that Sunday, I saw a Facebook post from a friend running the NY marathon who was fundraising for the Refuge for Women here in town, and I made a mental note to support her. I went to 608 (the evening service at Southland) that night before I wrote the check, and that happened to be a night Jon preached on giving, how God blesses you in ridiculous ways when you are generous with Him. I decided to double what I’d plan to send my friend, not as a bribe to God but to take Him up on that promise.

I mailed my check the next morning, Monday. On Wednesday of that same week, our agency called to tell us that our paperwork had arrived! They sent us a scanned copy and I about fell out of my chair when I saw the date stamp on the form: that exact Monday, processed exactly as I was cutting that check. Somehow, God got that paperwork signed, sealed, and delivered all the way around the globe and into my hands in 48 hours.

But He had another surprise waiting for us the next day, just in case we had any doubts that it was Him. On Thursday, we got another email from our agency letting us know that a mystery “surplus” had appeared in our account.  I assure you we never gave a dime more than what we were invoiced for. The surplus was more than ten times my gift to my friend!

It’s such fun to be His kid – He’s so unbelievably kind.

We are all God’s kids.  Help us be kind to the less fortunate.  Help us pay forward all the kindness that God has showered on us.

Help us in any way.  Whatever paying forward His kindness look like to you-  that means buying a coffee for a coworker, giving a granola bar to the homeless guy you see on the corner regularly, making a meal for a friend in need, or donating toward our goal of $1000 for one of our local homeless shelter.  Whatever it is, do it.  Spread the joy and love of God.  And if you have a story like Andrea’s I would love to hear it!  As she said it’s fun to be His kid, and it’s fun listening to testimonies about Him.

If you want to donate there are several methods of doing so.

  • If you do not care about a tax write off you can give Andrea or I money and we can take care of the donation for you.
  • You can click this link to donate online:
  • Or you can mail a check to this address:

Catholic Action Center
P.O. Box 324
Lexington, KY 40588

Just let me know by texting, calling, facebooking, commenting on this post, or emailing me at to let us know how much you gave or are intending to give.  We really want to see this organization that is doing so much good for the marginalized in our community be blessed.  So please, let us know.  Thanks for being a part of this team with us!