Thankful Thursday 2017 Ed.

Thankfulness is a trait that Will and I have endeavored to set as a pillar of our marriage.  Considering we’ve only been married for about 4 1/2 years, I’d say that we are still early on in our marriage.  That pillar of being thankful is still being formed, and this year I plan to use this blog to help foster that.

One of my goals for 2017 is to blog weekly.  I have already failed the first two weeks… To accomplish this goal I realized that I need to ear mark a day for blogging, and Thursdays seem to jump out.  When Will and I were dating, for a while we gave is day of the week its own trait.  Thursdays were Thankful Thursday.   So, at least for the first part of the year, we are embarking on Thankful Thursday – 2017 Edition.

Thankful Thursday - 2017 Ed.

Here’s why I think Thankfulness is so important. If the love of money, or the love of more if you will, is the root of all kinds of evils (1 Tim. 6:10) – then thankfulness is the opposite.  Thankfulness is the root of all kinds of goodness.  Thankfulness fosters joy, it fosters generosity, it fosters love, patience, and selflessness. 

Short and sweet.  That is my goal for the year and my heart for this space.  I want the Pomeroy Life to keep building and strengthening that pillar of thankfulness.  I want to record our daughters smiles and frowns, firsts and falls. To cherish our friends and family. And ultimately to uplift God who blessed me with the breath in my lungs, His Son Jesus, and all the rest which is just the icing on the cake.

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

Here’s to 2017, to goals, to being thankful!  What are some of your goals for 2017?  What are you thankful for?

Lessons from the First 10 Weeks with Charlie

These last ten weeks have been so full of wonderful moments, lessons learned, laughs laughed, frustrating moments, and lots of learning to do things one-handed.

img_56881 20161029_143652

I don’t know how Charlie was ever inside of me, but she was.  The weirdest part is how not weird it is for her to be here.  It’s just natural, like she was always supposed to be here with us.  Things are different, but the change has been natural.  We are still learning how to go out for dinner, how to help each other with her, and how to get places on time (why is that such a struggle?!).

But if I had to say how we are doing overall, I would say that as a family we are doing great!  As a married couple, Will and I are finding an even deeper love and appreciation for each other. It’s  heart melting to watch each other parent and nurture our daughter.  As far as babies go, Charlie is pretty awesome!  She sleeps through the night most nights and makes hilarious faces.  She rocked the baby acne for a while and now has outgrown that and moved onto cradle cap.  Charlie plays in the bath tub now, has a favorite spot on the couch, has a favorite toy (Mr. Monkey), likes to suck on frozen pacifiers, and she enjoys running with me!

20160817_134419 20160818_102051 20160828_184913 20160911_160017 20160916_165756 20160916_181441 20160918_120558 20161007_130242 20161020_115247

When I look at Charlie, play with her, put her down for the night – I see all of the ways she’s growing and changing. Then I wash her laundry and think to myself  “surely she can’t fit these tiny clothes anymore.”  But you know what; she does!  Somehow she still does.

The Lesson

Above all the ways to sooth her, all the things I can now do one handed, the best thing I have learned is being in the moment.  When Charlie is awake the rest of my to do list becomes shockingly insignificant.  When Charlie is crying, figuring out how to make everything better is top priority.  When Charlie is smiling and playing everything else just fades away, and a perfect hour passes in the blink of an eye.

So in the end, I guess all of the lessons learned from the first 10 weeks with Charlie boil down to one thing. It’s like my mom always says – So many things can wait while you hold your children.

fb_img_1477711287612 20161026_201250 20161027_171944 20161024_154340


20161020_173843 20161019_154542 20160925_145744 20160928_152020 20160923_160449 20160910_103146 img_20160823_165253 img_20160921_203332 img_20161011_195208 img_20161019_194631 20160817_041329 _g5p5241a _g5p5234a-version-2 _g5p5225a

Memories to Treasure

June did not include too many projects around the house other than the bed that we built for our room.

But it was filled with family and friends from near and far.  So much happened, so many people came and went.  I have to share it here because there were so many June memories to treasure, and I do not want to forget them.

We kicked it off with sending my sister birthday wishes from afar and welcoming Will’s family from Sweden into our home for a delicious dinner and a  good old fashioned American s’more roast.  They were pretty fantastic, and Will and I really hope we get the chance to go visit them in Sweden.

June Memories to Treasure
Hubster was our grill master for the evening, and we got to put our wonderful backyard to use! Can I just say again how thankful we are for the backyard we have!
June Memories to Treasure
We wanted to make them feel welcome so we gave them Swedish Fish (which are an American thing). I was so worried they wouldn’t think it was funny, but the risk paid off! They laughed so hard when they opened their gift.
June Memories to Treasure
This was their first time roasting marshmallows and making s’mores.
June Memories to Treasure
oh how we love that girl! She brings so much life and joy to the world.

That was a wonderful evening that I do not want to forget.  Magnus and Agneta were such good humored and wonderful people.  They are generous and warm hearted, and full of interesting conversation.  I am glad we got the pleasure of spending time with the people who sent us our Christmas goat in the mail all the way from Sweden!

More locally, we got our luau on celebrating our good friend’s first daughter’s 1st birthday, and finding out that they are having a second daughter!  We also had the pleasure of celebrating the marriage of two of our other friends here in Lexington!

June Memories to Treasure
Amelia’s party with our Home Depot colored lei’s
June Memories to Treasure
at the Matney’s Wedding with our lovely Lexington Framily…. that color coordinates freakishly well.

We were able to celebrate our niece Mary’s 10th birthday with her and enjoy an evening with Will’s family up at his mom’s farm practicing yoga, learning gymnastics, grilling, and catching up on everyone’s lives.

June Memories to Treasure
look how adorable she is!
June Memories to Treasure
she is growing into a very mature, smart, and all around lovely young woman.

We also had to privilege of opening our home up to some of our best friends!  We had Will’s best friends from grade school plus one wife, and one newer but wonderful friend spend the night with us.   That was followed by a 10 year high school reunion of sorts, and although the weather felt like October we still had a great time shooting, cooking out, and definitely enjoyed the bonfire!

June Memories to Treasure
first smash burger experience for everyone but Will and I.
June Memories to Treasure
oh how I wish these two lived closer! Ruthann and Lydia you fill my heart with so much love! Your love for God and those around you, your desire for wisdom, and your joyful/encouraging demeanors are a blessing to the world!
June Memories to Treasure
just riding in the trunk of a car. no big deal.

June Memories to Treasure

That weekend was followed by having my two best friends from high school stay with us for a couple of days.  Can I just say that it is so convenient to have your two best friends marry each other!   It is also one of the most joyful things that you can experience; their wedding day was my favorite wedding (other than my own) that I have ever been to, and one of the most memorable/best days of my life.  My heart was bursting with love and joy for them!

June Memories to Treasure
in high school we always used Paul’s family’s grill…. I think we upgraded some.

June Memories to Treasure

June Memories to Treasure
Paul and Mel are big Royals fans if you cant tell. But he jumped at the chance to cross another stadium off his list.

Will and I are so blessed to have such good friends.  His friends go WAY back, so much so that they are more like family than friends.  They welcome in wives as if we had been with them all along.  No matter what curves come from life – I know that those guys (and their respective families) will ALWAYS be there.  They will always be there for prayer, advice, dreams, laughs, visits, and phone calls.

We are also fortunate to have Paul and Mel, another set of friends who no matter the time lapse will always be there and always love you as much or maybe more than the last time you saw them.  We might not be a group of goofy high schoolers getting into shenanigans any more, but we are still goofy, we still get into shenanigans, we still know how to put away some s’mores, and now we have a deeper friendship strengthened by years and life experiences we never imagined that we would have.

Behind the scenes, there were multiple irons stuck into the fire.  There are new endeavors underway in the Pomeroy Life, and this was the perfect month to start them – a month when we had so many people coming and going to bounce ideas off of.  A month that gave us the chance to include those closest to us in some of our big adventures.

June was quick and exhausting, but if I could put that month on repeat I would.  So many friends both new and old.  So many things to celebrate, so many adventures.  June was a month to treasure (my word for the year).

June Memories to Treasure
High School pal, college roomates, each others bridesmaids, and friends for life.


Grace Upon Grace

This topic has been on my heart and mind for some time now – Grace.  It is a topic that I in no way grasp the depth of – Grace Upon Grace.

Thankfully though, it is a verb that I have displayed before me on the regular.

Confession – I have many faults, vices, and unsightly character traits.  I am impatient, stubborn, defensive, and competitive; I can be vain and insecure, prideful and temperamental. And most of those are exponentially worse when I my blood sugar is low – aka “hangry.”

Grace & Glory
Things like these little beauties in our backyard demonstrate God’s grace to me – He has blessed me with a world full of beautiful things.

When I compare that tone of that resume to the vibrant hues of my lie, I am at a loss.  There’s only one thing I can contribute it to – Grace.  I am the recipient of that which I do not deserve.  On an intangible level I have received powerful grace beyond my wildest dreams from the Lord, but recently I have been noticing how it is played out before me in tangible ways.  I see it when I look back over the years of parenting from my mother, in the joy of the simple things, the rejuvenating power of rain, and most vividly in the grace extended to me from Will.

He is probably the most gracious husband on the planet.  Recently I have been very overwhelmed by how much grace he pours out on me.  Point and case – building the bed frame:

Carpentry is not a natural gift for either of us.  There were plenty of mistakes made along the way as we built that beauty.  One major one was me putting the posts/legs on the foot board in the wrong spot.  This turned what was supposed to be a quick assembly of all the pieces I had made into a much larger ordeal which killed the drill battery.  This was big because Will had been at work all day.  He got home at 8:30 and the last thing he probably wanted to do was help me assemble a big heavy bed frame.  But you know what – it was the first thing he did when he walked in the door because he knew how important it was to me.  And when we realized that I had majorly screwed it up – he took a deep breath and took everything in stride.  He never once raised his voice or took an unpleasant tone with me.  He calmly worked through the situation with me as we tried to figure out how to fix it.  Nor did he get impatient with me when we realized I had forgotten to charge the backup battery for the drill.

Grace Upon Grace
I love our faces in this picture. This is real life. This is when you need grace.

Since we are exact opposites in nearly every way there is ample opportunity for grace. He comes home from long days at work and is gracious with me as I attempt to swallow my hanger till we eat dinner.  He works hard to provide for us. He does not bite back when I lose my temper.  He does not snap when I am impatient.

He gently leads me and shows me a better way by example.  To put it simply, marriage is a journey of me learning many things – particularly about the depths and constancy of God’s grace through the reflection of it I see in Will’s grace toward me and those around him.

It is the same with God.  No matter how many times I fail to look to Christ and/or look like Christ – He is there with open arms and a loving heart to lead me in a better direction.  God’s grace is powerful.  It can change situations by changing our hearts.  I know I need it for my short-fused temper, my defensive tone, and my competitive nature. I know I need it in order to better love Will and everyone else around me.

40th Anniversary Family Pictures (31) 40th Anniversary Family Pictures (33)

What I am learning about grace is that it does not matter – God never runs out.  Every morning is new dose stronger than my two cups of coffee.

Lamentations 3:22-23 The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning;    great is your faithfulness.

John 1:17 And from his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace. For the law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.

James 4:6 But he gives us more grace. That is why Scripture says: “God opposes the proud but shows favor to the humble and oppressed.”

Let me close with this prayer for you and for me:

2 Peter 1:2 Grace and peace be yours in abundance through the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord.

Approaching the Starting Line

Race weekend is upon us.  Hubster just took me to register and get my shirt and bib! Earlier today I went to get the necessary pre & post race snacks.  And the butterflies in my stomach are getting warmed up.

picking up my race bib!
picking up my race bib!

It’s been exciting to watch God bring in $700 through my efforts and thousands more through other OCA runners’ efforts.  And it’s not to late to donate if you want to, but haven’t yet:  I made a commitment to do what I can to help, to be the boots on the ground “earning” (for lack of a better word) that $700 and raising awareness.  Well, it’s about time to really honor that commitment.

This year I got a free hat along with my free shirt this year - perks of running the full?
This year I got a free hat along with my free shirt this year – perks of running the full?

If this was a half marathon, I would not be nervous.  I have ran 4 of those, and I have ran the Derby Half the last two years.  But no this is a FULL MARATHON.  That’s 26.2 miles and hopefully only 3 and half hours of running (only…).  I know I ran 25 miles, but that was 3 weeks ago in gorgeous weather without thousands of other runners and spectators watching me #strugglebus my way through those last few miles.

Pretty pumped to put this on Ellie after Saturday!
Pretty pumped to put this on Ellie after Saturday!

With Saturday morning’s starting gun imminent would you join me in praying for these things:

  • No Rain!
  • Energy, Strength, and my mental game to be on point.
  • That tons last minute donations would pour into OCA from all their runners, just blessing the socks off of the work they are doing in the community. 
  • Giving thanks for the work OCA & it’s volunteers do and asking that it would multiply – making a huge difference in Central, KY.

I have no idea how this is going to go down on Saturday, but what I do know, is that God gave me the ability to run so until He takes it away I will keep putting one foot in front of the other.  I often say that without soccer to play anymore I still a jock, just a jock without purpose.  At the moment I have a purpose – to use the abilities God gave me to glorify Him and raise awareness of the need to love our neighbors and care for the orphans. (Matt. 22:39 & James 1:27).

Birthday Week – Twenty Gr8!

We have a tradition a wonderful tradition in our home (although, I think I might enjoy it more than Will does) Birthday Week.

That’s right, for a whole week we get to celebrate how happy we are that the other person was born! It’s nothing fancy, just a little something intentional each day. The hard thing is always deciding if it’s going to be 7 days leading up to our birthday, 7 days following out birthday, or just the 7 day calendar week of our birthday.  This year for Will we did the 7 days leading up to his birthday.   It was full of sweet – sweet food, sweet moments, sweet notes, and sweet memories. 

Birthday Week I love this tradition so much for various reasons.  I love the reminder to be intentional with each other and to notice the things that we do for each other.  Sometimes birthday week moments are nothing abnormal (like sonic happy hour), but those normal-ish ways that we cherish each other can become expected and overlooked if we aren’t careful.

I am grateful for the space that birthday week creates to invest in the things that are important to each other and the things each other enjoys.

Some of his Birthday Week Treats
Some of his Birthday Week Treats

Birthday week also refreshes your mind and emotions.  Being intentional brings to mind all of the reasons why you love that person.  In the case of it being your spouse’s birthday, it reminds you why you chose to spend the rest of your life with them and why you choose that again every morning when you wake up and every night when you go to bed.  It reminds you why you are grateful for them, what they do that makes you laugh, how they show you love and grateful you are for it.  I even learned something new this birthday week – I really appreciate it when Will makes the bed all nice in the morning.  Who knew I would be grateful for that? But Birthday week created that change of normal pace necessary to realize something like that.

Speaking of change of pace, I don't think I have seen so much joy and relaxation in a while.  It was great to see Jon and watch the guys toss the baseball around in our huge backyard.
Speaking of change of pace, I don’t think I have seen so much joy and relaxation in a while. It was great to see Jon and watch the guys toss the baseball around in our huge backyard.

I have to say that I couldn’t have been blessed with a better husband.  I know he doesn’t think he deserves such high praises, and that’s part of why he is great.  I have had the privilege of being part of his life for 4 years now.  And every year he grows and changes in some way.  This year I have seen how dedicated he is to our marriage and to me.  I have experienced extreme support from him in the form of help with my homework, staying up late while I finish a test, standing up for me, bringing out the best in me, showing me so much grace when my short temper flairs up, making dinner or doing the dishes so I have time to train for a marathon, relax or just because.

Hubster's Birthday cake. I was so excited because I finally got to use the gray sprinkle that bought specifically to use on something for him!  And I was even more excited when he noticed them as he blew the candles out!
Hubster’s Birthday cake.
I was so excited because I finally got to use the gray sprinkle that bought specifically to use on something for him! And I was even more excited when he noticed them as he blew the candles out!
I made my homemade funfetti cake, lemon filling, and homemade buttercream frosting that ended up tasting like the filling to an Oreo!  It's not decorated as impressively as last year's Home Depot cake, BUT you can't out do yourself every year.
I made my homemade funfetti cake, lemon filling, and homemade buttercream frosting that ended up tasting like the filling to an Oreo!
It’s not decorated as impressively as last year’s Home Depot cake, BUT you can’t out do yourself every year.

In this last year I also got to watch him truly embrace being the provider as his hard work and godly character have quickly taken him from part time newby at Home Depot to full-time head of the flooring department, in how he helped find a great deal on the perfect home, and through his willingness to work hard on and off the clock to provide finances, memories, and great space to live our lives.

In the last year Will you have gone from twenty seven to 20 Gr8.  Thank you for choosing me to be a part of the everyday adventures of your life.  Here’s to another awesome year of finding out what God has up His sleeves for you!

It’s this handsome man’s birthday today! What a gift he is in my life. I don’t know how to be thankful enough for my hardworking, selfless, handy, laid-back, wise, bug killing, cold-foot-warming, faithful, abundantly grace showing, generous hubster. Thanks for helping me be the best version of myself and demonstrating God’s love and character for me day in and day out. I can’t wait to go through another year with you; God’s done so much on this last one. Here’s to #twentygr8 love you! #bettertogether

2014 in Review

2014 has been whirlwind of a year, and it was a year of beginnings for many of our friends, filled with weddings and children!  We are so very blessed to have a community to share our lives with.  2014 was also a year of beginnings for us.  

From our Christmas Card Photo Shoot with some good and precious friends.
From our Christmas Card Photo Shoot with some good and precious friends.


As many of you know, Will took a part-time job at Home Depot last February while finishing up his thesis.  He has received two promotions since then and is now a full-time supervisor in the flooring department.  While not in his field of study, he is able to help people every day… and there is something to be said for that.  He seems to be a great fit for the business, and we are hopeful/excited about the possibility of building a career of sorts there.

Throwback to Valentines Day when   Will got a job at Home Depot.  It's on the Wall of Gratefulness in our house =)
Throwback to Valentines Day when Will got a job at Home Depot. It’s on the Wall of Gratefulness in our house =)

Devra is still working at Summit Engineering as the administrative assistant; she enjoys her job.  What’s new for her, though, is that she has started going back to school working towards a Dietetics degree.  Her love for cooking combined with her dietary restrictions are what spurred her interest, and she hopes to use the degree to help people get/remain healthy… starting with William!

We had the opportunity to travel some this year, albeit mostly for friend’s weddings.  VA Beach, NYC, Nashville, Knoxville and of course Kansas.  We love to travel, but did not have much opportunity to do so outside of weekend trips this year.  We hope to head out west for a vacation in 2015 and/or go on a short term mission trip with our church.

I have never been happier at a wedding (other than my own).
I have never been happier at a wedding (other than my own).
Will's Best friend Jared's wedding in VA Beach with an added day long layover in NYC!
Will’s Best friend Jared’s wedding in VA Beach with an added day long layover in NYC!

We are heavily considering putting down roots in Lexington, it is a great town that has the perfect mix of city and countryside.  We’ve started looking at houses, but none of them seem to be a perfect fit yet.  We are patiently waiting for the right one.

The major theme we have seen for 2014 is that God has provided for us time and time again.  He always seems to send us what we need, just in time.  Sometimes that’s a letter from family, a promotion at work, or even a text from a friend.  God is good.

God is so good that He sent us His Son.

“For to us a child is born, to us a son is given; and the government shall be upon his shoulder, and his name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.”    ~Isaiah 9:6-7

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year’s to you and yours!

Love & Prayers,

William & Devra

our Christmas card this year.
our Christmas card this year.

Christmas Cards 6 Christmas Cards 4 Christmas Cards 3 Christmas Cards 2

Fall 2014 Bucketlist

One of Will and I’s goals in life is to appreciate and savor things.  You might recall from last week’s post about why we blog, that blog is a tool that helps us to be intentional about savoring the Pomeroy Life.  So along those lines, I wanted to make our own fall bucket list to help us savor this busy fall.

photo credit Erica MacDonald


Last week we had a spout of cool weather, and with that cool weather came all things fall! In fact, we have already made significant progress on this list.  Two weekends ago we went to Apple Fest at one of the local orchards where we ate caramel apples and picked 6 pounds of apples off the trees and bought some pie pumpkins.  Apples are one of my favorite fruits… but man there’s nothing as good as an apple straight from the tree!  I ate on those for lunches all week.

That’s two things off the list, but I also used those apples to make our first batch of apple crisp.  (Will if you’re reading this, I left the last helping in the fridge for you!)

Also, we’ve already made chili twice (have leftovers in the freezer for next weekend too!), and we’ve spent several hours watching football and constantly checking our fantasy football scores lol.   I know; it’s a little sad.  But hey, the Bengals and the Giants won yesterday!

Yesterday we went on a little walk to collect some acorns for a little centerpiece idea of mine… we found the mother load of huge, perfect acorns.  And we stalked up!  The squirrel population in our neighborhood might be a little on the slender side this winter…  But stay tuned for my update on my acorn projects!  I love cheap decorations!


What are some things that you want to do to help savor fall this year?


Here are a few pictures from Apple Fest 2014:

Enjoying our Caramel Apples. I can’t stress enough how much your life isn’t complete without having had a caramel apple from Evans Orchard.
a non-selfie of the two of us! Every now and then we ask some one to take a picture for us. lol
just me, the October baby, and my pumpkins… destined to be turned into pumpkin puree for all kind of tasty things!
I love our adventures. Usually I post pictures that are symbolic of me following Will, but for the record – he is amazing at pushing and encouraging me to strike out and chase my dreams as well.
I wish our paths in life were as clean cut as this, but then I suppose that they would be a lot less fun! What’s crazy to think about is that they are this distinct from God’s vantage point.
those are the Ruby Red’s I think… and they were one of the best apples I have ever had! Thanks for picking one hubster!


best kettle corn you’ll ever eat… seriously.

Why do We Blog?

I recently shared that I am going back to school.  That means that both Will and I are working full-time, both in school, doing financial counseling, housework, hanging out with friends and family, dating each other…. Yeah it’s a lot to keep track of; gotta love Google Calendar!

So why have the added commitment of the blog?  Why put one more thing on our full, all-you-can-do-buffet plates?

Some of you may wonder why my blog is always appearing in your newsfeed.  Why do I blog?  Why does anyone blog?  What’s it matter what I had for dinner, how I made it, and how hipster of a picture I took of it?

I did answered this once last year, but I think it deserves revisiting.  So, here are a few reasons:

  1. To stay in touch with Will and I’s family and friends both near and far.
  2. To cherish life and cultivate a grateful attitude for the everyday and the momentous.
  3. To have a record of our adventures to look back on.
  4. To have another outlet for God to use us.
  5. and lastly, because we enjoy it.

why blog 1

1. To stay in touch with Will and I’s family and friends both near and far.

Long distance relationships are tough.  They take a lot of time, effort, discipline, and openness.  Maybe it seems lazy to say that blogging is one of our ways of keeping in touch with all of our estranged friends and family, but the truth is we have a lot of relationships we value and not enough time to spend with them.  The PomeroyLife lets us share life with others more efficiently.

If you fall in any of those categories, old friend, new friend, family, or you want to be our friend then please subscribe to the blog, or bookmark it.  Leave comments.  We want you to read our stories and share yours with us =)

why blog 2

2. To cherish life and cultivate a grateful attitude for the everyday and the momentous.


3. To have a record of our adventures to look back on.

Will and I also enjoy sharing about how we do life because it provides us with a rich record of our adventures together.  It’s like a journal that we can use to not only help us remember where we have been, but also to help us maintain an intentional attitude of gratitude.  The seemingly insignificant, normal moments of life make up more of our story than the highlight reel does.  Will and I value the outlet of blogging because it helps us have a posture of savoring life – even the every day and the mundane.

why blog 3

4. To have another outlet for God to use us.

Both of us want our life to make an impact.  God is boundless, and He can use us anytime, anywhere.  We love that the blog allows us the opportunity to not just reach friends and family, or those in our community, but literally the entire world!  How awesome is that?!

I have no idea how God intends to use the things we share on here, but I know that He can.   And furthermore, how cool is it that He gave us minds to invent the internet  and blogs!


Ultimately, I don't need a firm reason to blog - I just need the moment.  The moment to savor and the moment to share.

5. Because We Enjoy It.

Ultimately, we don’t need any other reason than that.  Like the dove wrapper says- you don’t need a reason; you just need a moment.

Why do you blog?  and/or Why do you read them?  

Two Years


Two years.    We use years to describe our past and future, but never the present, and anything that you describe with the unit of years is an accomplishment.  Two years of marriage is an accomplishment.

wedding day

How do you summarize a year?!  Devra and I decided to reminisce today, about the past year of our lives together, and to sum it up… this is what we came up with.  A lot has happened, a lot has stayed the same, and there is still a lot we wish to do.

That was a Rookie Move

Since our one year anniversary there has not been a lot that has changed on the outside of our lives… that is to say that for the most part, not much has changed from the perspective of those outside of thePomeroyLife.  But that’s not to say that much has not changed for Devra and me.  A lot of decisions were made this year, decisions that will likely define the next couple of years of our lives. So here are a few headlines from year two:

1)      Will finished all of his class work for his master’s degree

2)      Will started working at Home Depot

3)      We got plugged into a strong community of friends

4)      We got more involved in ministry… we serve together

5)      Devra started working towards a degree in Dietetics

6)      We decided against buying a home (a couple of times)

7)      Celebrated the life of Will’s Grandpa

8)      Embraced a more thankful lifestyle

9)      Adopted a healthier lifestyle (mostly our diets)

10)   Spent more time investing in our family

Through all of those items (and several others over the last 365 days) we grew.  We always knew that we are opposites, but through all those decisions, accomplishments, and memories we learned exactly how opposite we are.  But hey, opposites attract!  Still, this last year really required Devra and I to communicate, and to grow/challenge each other.  I (Will) am so thankful to have a partner in this life… someone who helps me become the “me I want to be.”   And I (Devra) am beyond grateful for a teammate who has the grace and patience necessary to help polish my rough spots and make my best spots shine.

Wedding Day 2

Our first year of marriage seemed like it was all sunshine and rainbows, but this year didn’t have quite as much of that feel.  We’re not saying that things were rocky; there was just less time to celebrate and slow down.  We did not get to vacation (just the two of us) this past year, something we really want and need to do in year 3.

All things considered… we love each other very much.  Love is still a choice, and we continue to learn how to best show that love to each other.  We’ve made great strides in not going to sleep angry and being kind to one another… just like my grandpa taught us.

Wedding Day 4

Love is a choice, Divorce is not an option, and our love is a reflection of Christ’s love for the church.

We’ll be back tomorrow with a post about how we celebrated our Cotton Anniversary!