2014 in Review

2014 has been whirlwind of a year, and it was a year of beginnings for many of our friends, filled with weddings and children!  We are so very blessed to have a community to share our lives with.  2014 was … Continue reading

Fall 2014 Bucketlist

One of Will and I’s goals in life is to appreciate and savor things.  You might recall from last week’s post about why we blog, that blog is a tool that helps us to be intentional about savoring the Pomeroy Life.  So along those lines, I wanted to make our own fall bucket list to help us savor this busy fall.


photo credit Erica MacDonald


Last week we had a spout of cool weather, and with that cool weather came all things fall! In fact, we have already made significant progress on this list.  Two weekends ago we went to Apple Fest at one of the local orchards where we ate caramel apples and picked 6 pounds of apples off the trees and bought some pie pumpkins.  Apples are one of my favorite fruits… but man there’s nothing as good as an apple straight from the tree!  I ate on those for lunches all week.

That’s two things off the list, but I also used those apples to make our first batch of apple crisp.  (Will if you’re reading this, I left the last helping in the fridge for you!)

Also, we’ve already made chili twice (have leftovers in the freezer for next weekend too!), and we’ve spent several hours watching football and constantly checking our fantasy football scores lol.   I know; it’s a little sad.  But hey, the Bengals and the Giants won yesterday!

Yesterday we went on a little walk to collect some acorns for a little centerpiece idea of mine… we found the mother load of huge, perfect acorns.  And we stalked up!  The squirrel population in our neighborhood might be a little on the slender side this winter…  But stay tuned for my update on my acorn projects!  I love cheap decorations!


What are some things that you want to do to help savor fall this year?


Here are a few pictures from Apple Fest 2014:


Enjoying our Caramel Apples. I can’t stress enough how much your life isn’t complete without having had a caramel apple from Evans Orchard.


a non-selfie of the two of us! Every now and then we ask some one to take a picture for us. lol


just me, the October baby, and my pumpkins… destined to be turned into pumpkin puree for all kind of tasty things!


I love our adventures. Usually I post pictures that are symbolic of me following Will, but for the record – he is amazing at pushing and encouraging me to strike out and chase my dreams as well.


I wish our paths in life were as clean cut as this, but then I suppose that they would be a lot less fun! What’s crazy to think about is that they are this distinct from God’s vantage point.


those are the Ruby Red’s I think… and they were one of the best apples I have ever had! Thanks for picking one hubster!



best kettle corn you’ll ever eat… seriously.

Why do We Blog?

I recently shared that I am going back to school.  That means that both Will and I are working full-time, both in school, doing financial counseling, housework, hanging out with friends and family, dating each other…. Yeah it’s a lot to keep track of; gotta love Google Calendar!

So why have the added commitment of the blog?  Why put one more thing on our full, all-you-can-do-buffet plates?

Some of you may wonder why my blog is always appearing in your newsfeed.  Why do I blog?  Why does anyone blog?  What’s it matter what I had for dinner, how I made it, and how hipster of a picture I took of it?

I did answered this once last year, but I think it deserves revisiting.  So, here are a few reasons:

  1. To stay in touch with Will and I’s family and friends both near and far.
  2. To cherish life and cultivate a grateful attitude for the everyday and the momentous.
  3. To have a record of our adventures to look back on.
  4. To have another outlet for God to use us.
  5. and lastly, because we enjoy it.

why blog 1

1. To stay in touch with Will and I’s family and friends both near and far.

Long distance relationships are tough.  They take a lot of time, effort, discipline, and openness.  Maybe it seems lazy to say that blogging is one of our ways of keeping in touch with all of our estranged friends and family, but the truth is we have a lot of relationships we value and not enough time to spend with them.  The PomeroyLife lets us share life with others more efficiently.

If you fall in any of those categories, old friend, new friend, family, or you want to be our friend then please subscribe to the blog, or bookmark it.  Leave comments.  We want you to read our stories and share yours with us =)

why blog 2

2. To cherish life and cultivate a grateful attitude for the everyday and the momentous.


3. To have a record of our adventures to look back on.

Will and I also enjoy sharing about how we do life because it provides us with a rich record of our adventures together.  It’s like a journal that we can use to not only help us remember where we have been, but also to help us maintain an intentional attitude of gratitude.  The seemingly insignificant, normal moments of life make up more of our story than the highlight reel does.  Will and I value the outlet of blogging because it helps us have a posture of savoring life – even the every day and the mundane.

why blog 3

4. To have another outlet for God to use us.

Both of us want our life to make an impact.  God is boundless, and He can use us anytime, anywhere.  We love that the blog allows us the opportunity to not just reach friends and family, or those in our community, but literally the entire world!  How awesome is that?!

I have no idea how God intends to use the things we share on here, but I know that He can.   And furthermore, how cool is it that He gave us minds to invent the internet  and blogs!


Ultimately, I don't need a firm reason to blog - I just need the moment.  The moment to savor and the moment to share.

5. Because We Enjoy It.

Ultimately, we don’t need any other reason than that.  Like the dove wrapper says- you don’t need a reason; you just need a moment.

Why do you blog?  and/or Why do you read them?  

Two Years


Two years.    We use years to describe our past and future, but never the present, and anything that you describe with the unit of years is an accomplishment.  Two years of marriage is an accomplishment.

wedding day

How do you summarize a year?!  Devra and I decided to reminisce today, about the past year of our lives together, and to sum it up… this is what we came up with.  A lot has happened, a lot has stayed the same, and there is still a lot we wish to do.

That was a Rookie Move

Since our one year anniversary there has not been a lot that has changed on the outside of our lives… that is to say that for the most part, not much has changed from the perspective of those outside of thePomeroyLife.  But that’s not to say that much has not changed for Devra and me.  A lot of decisions were made this year, decisions that will likely define the next couple of years of our lives. So here are a few headlines from year two:

1)      Will finished all of his class work for his master’s degree

2)      Will started working at Home Depot

3)      We got plugged into a strong community of friends

4)      We got more involved in ministry… we serve together

5)      Devra started working towards a degree in Dietetics

6)      We decided against buying a home (a couple of times)

7)      Celebrated the life of Will’s Grandpa

8)      Embraced a more thankful lifestyle

9)      Adopted a healthier lifestyle (mostly our diets)

10)   Spent more time investing in our family

Through all of those items (and several others over the last 365 days) we grew.  We always knew that we are opposites, but through all those decisions, accomplishments, and memories we learned exactly how opposite we are.  But hey, opposites attract!  Still, this last year really required Devra and I to communicate, and to grow/challenge each other.  I (Will) am so thankful to have a partner in this life… someone who helps me become the “me I want to be.”   And I (Devra) am beyond grateful for a teammate who has the grace and patience necessary to help polish my rough spots and make my best spots shine.

Wedding Day 2

Our first year of marriage seemed like it was all sunshine and rainbows, but this year didn’t have quite as much of that feel.  We’re not saying that things were rocky; there was just less time to celebrate and slow down.  We did not get to vacation (just the two of us) this past year, something we really want and need to do in year 3.

All things considered… we love each other very much.  Love is still a choice, and we continue to learn how to best show that love to each other.  We’ve made great strides in not going to sleep angry and being kind to one another… just like my grandpa taught us.

Wedding Day 4

Love is a choice, Divorce is not an option, and our love is a reflection of Christ’s love for the church.

We’ll be back tomorrow with a post about how we celebrated our Cotton Anniversary!