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The #1 Difference Maker in Our Move – Community

Happy Friday Everyone!  I like to save particularly happy posts for Fridays, so today I will tell about the BEST part of our move! Yesterday I shared four logistical tips that we learned from our move. Today I want to share with you what really made all the difference in our move – our community.

Sure there are lots of perks (like not having to start the car in the morning anymore because Ellie is snug in the garage), but these particular keys to our smooth moving process look beyond the physical and get to the parts of life that truly matter.  My word for the year is “Treasure,” because I want to learn to treasure what God treasures and see the true lasting value in people, things, and experiences.  I am sure that the Walsh House will play a large role in that lesson, starting with the moving day.  More important than a successful organization system or how much of our house we had unpacked/set up that first day are the people who helped us get there.

5. Family & Friends

Part of the reason we began perusing buying a house was to put down roots in our community of friends and in what God is doing here in this city.  Because of that desire, our desire for closeness with our friends, a search for wisdom and guidance, and our general policy of openness – we included our family and friends in this adventure of becoming home owners from start to finish.  Our Realtor was even a friend of ours!

Our families would get updates every time we went looking at houses.  After we saw the Walsh House… they received even more phone calls and texts asking for guidance, sharing excitement, and asking for prayer.  Our friends were involved, praying, and sharing in our excitement all along as well.  God even worked out the timing perfectly enough that we were at a game night with several of our good friends when our Realtor called saying the sellers wanted to work with us and gave us the final offer for the house.  What a way to celebrate!

Logistically, our family and friends helped a ton!  Will and I were blown away by how much my parents (who had to drive 10 hours to get here and then 10 hours home after helping us out tirelessly for 3 days) helped us accomplish!  Thanks to them we painted 3 bedrooms, a bathroom, the kitchen, the dining room, and a two toned living room before we moved in.  They also put a bunch of elbow grease into helping clean our old place.

The Moms getting her paint on.

The Moms getting her paint on.

Will’s Mom, sister, and Gram came to help on moving day.  Their hard work, van space,  and knowledge of how we keep our stuff was invaluable on move in day.  They hauled so many boxes and helped set up our bedroom, kitchen, living room, and everything!  They even brought us house warming gifts to help us continue to turn the Walsh House into the Pomeroy Home.

Our friends all came over and helped load and unloaded boxes, move all the furniture, assemble shelves and tables, and just make the whole process more enjoyable with their smiles and laughs.  Seriously, what would have taken Will and I days to do took our friends and family a few hours.  God’s love and Jesus’ servant attitude was alive and filling up our new home from the very beginning.

6. Prayer

We prayed a lot about buying a house.  We asked God to only open the doors He wanted us to walk through and close all others.  We asked our friends and family to pray for it as well. We prayed for a stress free move with all emotions in check, we prayed for an easy painting process, we prayed for a safe move and safe travels for our families, we prayed for peace, and we have prayed that God would use this new house for the glory of His name and to be a little spot of His kingdom here on earth.  You know what…. all of those prayers have been answered.  The move was pretty dang painless, and by God’s grace I managed to not be overly stressed.  Painting was a breeze.  Our families traveled safely.  It’s been one of those seasons where you enjoy the privilege of watching God show up and show off. 

7.  “Breaking Bread”

We broke in our new house with City BBQ as a thank you to our family and friends for being there for us emotionally, spiritually, and even physically with the move itself.  Nothing makes a house feel more like a home than filling it with people you care about who also care about you and sharing a meal with them.  Jesus shared meals with people all of the time.

In those moments, it doesn’t matter if your house came off the pages of Better Homes and Gardens or if it is just a pile of boxes.  Good Food + Good People = Good Times.  That pause in the midst of the transition created space for memories and laughter.  Space to make sure that we appreciated what God is doing in our lives, where He had us, where He is taking us, and who He has running along side us.


Will and I were blown away by God, our families, our friends, and how God shined through them throughout this whole process.   Sometimes there are seasons when we don’t feel close to God, don’t see Him moving – seasons when we feel stagnate.  This is not one of those seasons.  This has been one of those seasons when all you can do is look around and stand in awe and wonder.

I don’t know why God loves us the way he does.  I know that I don’t deserve it, but I still know that He loves us like crazy.  It’s fun to be His kid.  I hope that these experiences of ours encourage you, boost your joy, refresh your hope, and remind you that God loves us and He comes through.  We are all blessed in one way or another; now for the adventure of finding out why.



7 Keys to Our Smooth Move

Being as this was Will and I’s first move, I can’t claim to be an expert on moving, but I can share with you what we learned through this first experience. These 7 things are things that made our move easier, more fun, and more memorable.  The first four are logistical tips, and the last three made the biggest impact, and I will cover them tomorrow.

  1. Organization
  2. Purging
  3. First Night Box
  4. Bathrooms and Kitchen First
  5. Family and Friends
  6. Prayer
  7. “Breaking Bread”

1. Organization

I am a fan of organization.  I think I learned it from my sister.  When we were preparing to pack I started searching Pinterest for packing tips.  One that I saw consistently was to use different colors for different rooms.  There were many different versions of this, but what I ended up doing was buying a pack of multicolored electrical tape (it was $4) to put on the corners of each box.  I wrote a number in the middle of the tape.  Then I recorded the contents of that box in our moving binder; another idea adapted from Pinterest.


2. Purging

Before, during, and after packing we purged our house.  We laughed a lot during this process because we were downsizing our things to upgrade our house and because we found some “treasures.”

We had a rule to govern our decision making process: If it wasn’t Useful, Beautiful, or Sentimental then we trashed, recycled, or donated it.

3. First Night Box

We were going to be “camping” in the new house for a couple of nights before the big move.  We had one box that was set to the side through the whole packing process, and as we found things that we wanted/needed to have readily available throughout those first days we put them in the box. This box had practical things like bedding, phone chargers, and toilet paper (don’t forget that), but it also had some sentimental things to help savor this transition.

4. Bathrooms and Kitchen First

Izzy and I just chilling on the floor, posting a blog before the big move.

Izzy and I just chilling on the floor, posting a blog before the big move.

This picture is of an empty room, yes, but what you can’t see is that while this room is empty (and freshly painted) our bathrooms and kitchen were basically fully operational.  We moved the majority of the kitchen things and all of the bathroom stuff prior to our big move.  That way, when there were going to be people all over the house, they had restrooms to use.  And when we would have boxes to unpack and rooms to assemble, we’d already have a kitchen good to go – ready to keep us fed, hydrated, and caffeinated despite the office still being a mountain of boxes.

Those are the lessons we learned this time around, lessons we want to remember for future moves.  Do you have any good moving stories or tips?

Tomorrow I will talk about the last three Keys to Our Smooth Move.  They are relational, not logistical.  They are the “tips” you don’t want to miss/the kudos that I am dying to give out to the people who really deserve them.

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