Coming Back From Haiti – Processing Reverse Culture Shock

Somethings in life happen without us noticing. Somethings come and go with minimal impact on our daily autopilot.  But there are other things that mess with our equilibrium, speedbumps that throw off our current rhythm, striking moments that you not … Continue reading

31 Day Prayer Challenge

One of the blogs that I have been following lately, the Wetherills Say I Do, launched a 31 day prayer challenge a week ago.  Our schedules are a little bumpy so goals like building a bedframe are hard to realize, but taking a few moments to pray together before bed – that is something we can realistically implement.



We talked it over on the way to work this morning and decided that it was something we wanted to go for, a discipline that we want to and need to nurture in our lives.  (We went in to work early this morning, so the fact that either of us remembers the conversation is impressive.)  To help make it real, give it some accountability, we are putting it up on the blog.

 Right now it’s like I have a coffee date with God penciled in every day. Some days I make it; some days I don’t.  Most of the days when I do it’s like I sit there more concerned with my coffee than with God – no meaningful exchanges, nothing but small talk to make it not seem awkward.

The idea of this 31 day prayer challenge for Will and I is to have it mapped out, already know at least one thing to be praying for that day.  That way we will be more likely to stick with it, and on days when our minds are blank or overwhelmed, the list will provide guidance for a deeper, more meaningful prayer time.  It’s like brainstorming topics to talk about with someone before a first date.



Please, join in with your own prayer challenge!  Our list is down below, and you can find the original inspiration in this post on the Wetherills Say I Do here. Some of the items on our list are ones she suggested in her post, others are specific to an event we have that day, or personal concerns/passions that we added to the list.

July 8th: Discipline for the next 31 days resulting in a deeper/more 
          constant prayer life
July 9th: Our Moms
July 10th: Our Friends’ new Babies
July 11th: Siblings
July 12th: the Homeless in Lexington
July 13th: Our Community of Friends
July 14th: Will’s Thesis
July 15th: Generosity
July 16th: Random Reminders of God throughout the Day
July 17th: Extended Family
July 18th: Serve the City
July 19th: A Random Person from Your Day
July 20th: Courage/Desire to share the Gospel
July 21st: Your President/Country's Leader
July 22nd: China
July 23rd: Work/Work Ethic
July 24th: A lost friend (spiritually)
July 25th: Grandparents
July 26th: My Dad
July 27th: Future Kiddos
July 28th: Our Marriage
July 29th: A Better View of People who Rub You the Wrong Way
July 30th: Yourself presently
July 31st: Your future self + family
August 1st: Spouse
August 2nd: Jared & Ruthann
August 3rd: Neighbors
August 4th: Courage to Take Risks
August 5th: Co-worker (specific person)
August 6th: Boss
August 7th: School

We are joining in this challenge with Madison and her blog; would you join in with us?  Near or far you are our friends, and we would love to have some extra accountability and encouragement in this effort.

Leave a comment down below on our blog and/or Madison’s blog.

Or Tweet, Instagram, or Facebook about your own prayer challenge with#thirtyonedaysofprayer.



Lastly, share any tips you have for developing a better prayer life.  It’s definitely something that I need help with.  The place I always have to start is with creating a time and space for it (generally the morning before Will’s up).  For the next 31 days the time and place is with Will right before bed, so I have the starting block covered, but I would loves some tips and hints to help carry me through these 31 appointments.