6 Months – Foundations of Parenting

It’s official Charlie is half a year old!  We have a six month old. Thursday was her half birthday.  I really can’t comprehend how this happened.  These 6 months have been smiley, exhausting, teaching, grace-filled, and an absolute memory making … Continue reading

Haiti Day 1

Warning: I am posting from my phone. I am sorry if the pictures do not come through or if the formatting is messy.

We left Miami yesterday at lunch time bound for Haiti. We landed at what is officially the smallest airport I have ever been in, paid $10 to enter the country, and spent the next hour on a bus taking in the country side and enjoying our last hour of air conditioning.

Leaving for Haiti

Leaving for Haiti 2

Our room is right next to a pig stye and several chickens and roosters. About the time the generator kicks off shutting off the fan in our bedroom is when the rooster starts crowing…. But! A few minutes later, Adrian, the most helpful mandatory you’ll ever meet, delivered the coffee to our porch. 🙂

Haiti Day 1

Will taking in the sunset and the pig stye

Today was our first day of teaching. We taught in 30 minute segments. We are teaching English and sign language. It’s not my specialty, but I am enjoying it. My favorite was recess! The kids all mob you and say “Blanc! Blanc!”  translation: “White! White!”  They all just want to touch you. Literally I have never been so mobbed. But it was awesome. They just want you to play with them or let them stand and hold your hand.

Haiti Day 1


This afternoon it rained so we didn’t do anything. Tomorrow we get to tour the town after school.

For now I will leave you with this nugget –  I have been in Haiti two days and already being married to an engineer had proven it’s worth two times. Our very ingenuitively hung mosquito net and when we were locked out of our room. Who knows what he’ll MacGyver for me tomorrow!

Haiti Day 1

The Pomeroys are Heading South – Mission Trip to Haiti

mission trip to Haiti

The Pomeroy’s have some exciting news! We are going on a mission trip to Haiti with a team from our home church, Southland Christian Church in September! “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of … Continue reading

Marriage and Relationship Lessons Learned

This was supposed to be posted on Saturday, but I ran out of time… we all know how that goes.

Roughly 5 years ago he walked into my life as nice guy from Kentucky who always wore a red baseball hat (confession: at the time I didn’t know baseball – I just knew it was a red hat; I didn’t realize it was for THE Reds), obviously loved Jesus and loved people, and thought I was cute. He saw in me a girl worth risking it all for – and he proceeded to do so.  I got to know him and realize what a rare, genuine, and remarkable man he is. Fast-forward through all the cheesy, lovey-dovey stuff; today Will and I have been married for 3 years!

There will be an update on year three and a whole bunch of pictures from our weekend anniversary trip to Colorado that don’t do the grandeur of the mountains justice.  But for now, I will leave you with links to some of our other posts about Marriage and Relationship Lessons Learned:

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