January 2016 – Looking Back and Looking Forward

Where to begin?  Somehow, January is nearly over.  The end of 2015 came with a whirlwind of homework (Organic Chemistry is a life eater…), a transition in jobs, weddings, all that the holidays entail, and plenty of other things to fill in any gaps that were left.

Looking back at last year, two things are very apparent.

1) Yes, we did a lot.

2) But God did a lot more.

January 2016

Our 2015 top 9…. although I really needed like a top 25 grid.

Looking back at 2015, there are many memories to look back on and cherish. We bought our first house! We had the chance to explore the mountains Colorado and share the love of Jesus in the shadow of the mountains of Haiti.   We bought our first car!  Devra ran her first marathon, and qualified for the Boston Marathon!  She started a new job with Trainer Joe’s Health and Weight Loss.

We had the privilege to open our home to two amazing roommates and the joy of living life in community.  We were exposed to the adventures of home ownership having to replace the furnace and water heater and getting to build, hang, and make the Walsh House our own.

Pausing for Thankfulness

Yes, we did all of those things, but that is also where item 2 comes into play. Through all of those and many other everyday adventures this year we continued to learn and see that God has a plan, and He always provides.  We don’t always know what His plan is, His timing, or how He is going to provide, but that’s part of what makes life an adventure.

2015 was a year of opening up our home and hearts to those around us.  A year of putting down roots while also looking to the future.  It has been a fast year, but a full year too.  It was a year of blessings, stresses, opportunities, challenges, and overall it was a year that left us saying “Wow God! You are amazing, and You are here!”

January 2016

Christmas Day 2015

Looking forward to the rest of 2016, we have set some goals:

  • Spiritual – Read through the Bible and pray together daily.
  • Work – For Will, to continue to give his best at work and continue developing himself as a leader and manager.  For Devra, to learn and grow in her new role with Trainer Joe’s and help grow the business this year.
  • School – For Devra to continue doing her best and getting the best grades she can.
  • House – get the office set up, hang curtains, organize the garage.
  • Dreams – Get chickens and have a better garden than last year.  Continue to pray about and pursue our dreams.
  • Relationships – find practical and intentional ways to serve and invest in each other. Find ways to be a better friend to our friends.

Those are just a few of our goals for the coming year, and so far I think that we are doing pretty good!  BUT it is only January still; we will see what the next 11 months bring! Whatever they throw our way, we know that God is for us.  He is always on our side.  He will always make a way and provide the grace that we need for this life. And if there’s one theme we’ve seen in our marriage it’s to not underestimate God. I am sure we will learn that even more this year.

January 2016

2016 here we come!

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