3 Years – Looking Back – Wedding and Anniversary Recap

We are about to hop on a plane to celebrate 3 years of marriage with a weekend of adventure in Colorado!!!!  Our actual anniversary isn’t till Tuesday, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start reminiscing right now. =) As we board our flights today, our bags are packed with the essentials for a weekend of epic adventures, and our hearts are filled with memories of all the everyday adventures these last three years have brought.

There will most certainly be a post about our Colorado getaway and the adventures had/lessons learned in year three.  For now, we will just stick to the reminiscing anniversaries past. So here you go Looking Back – Wedding and Anniversary Recap. 

If you don’t already know how Will and I met, here is a synopsis of Our Story.  It’s a pretty crazy one, but I love how our story got started!

This is the first photo that has the both of us in it, and as you can see, it's purely by accident.

This is the first photo that has the both of us in it, and as you can see, it’s purely by accident.

We met, we talked, Will flew 600 miles, and the rest is pretty much history.  But it’s well documented history!

I don’t have post about why we made the choices that we made for our wedding.  Maybe I should write one, but for now I will summarize it by saying that we wanted a wedding that expressed the BOTH of us, who we were as a couple, who we wanted to become as a couple, and the things that we stood for.  We made basically all of the decorations ourselves and did so pretty cheaply.  We are simple, and we want to have a simple, minimal, but beautiful life. I think that we accomplished that from day one.


wedding day


DIY Wedding

After the wedding comes life together.  We have been thoroughly enjoying ours!  Every year we sit down at our anniversary and intentionally comb through the events of the previous year to glean lessons from it, savor every ounce of joy, and take note of all the emotional, spiritual, and tangible ways that God has worked.  Here are some posts recapping years one and two:


2 Year Anniversary - Memories and Lessons Learned

2 Year Anniversary – Memories and Lessons Learned


Cotton Anniversary Celebration

If you aren’t already taking moments to be like Ferris Bueller – to pause and look around at life, then I encourage you to find a moment this weekend to do so.  It really helps put things in perspective.

There will be a post coming tomorrow recapping other thoughts and lessons about marriage so far.  So come back for that.  I hope you enjoy your weekend!  Stay tuned for more on Colorado and year 3!

Looking Back - Wedding and Anniversary Recap

Ready to run off to CO for an anniversary get away to celebrate 3 years of adventuring through life together!