Having the Courage to Try

The leaves are dropping like it’s hot around here, and the temperature is falling with them.  Autumn is falling into winter, and the holidays are on the horizon.  The beginning of October always marks the start of a very busy end of the year season for us, but this year October has been particularly insane. In fact, I really do not know how we are already finding ourselves at the end of it?!

Where is this going? This is not a time management tutorial or an October recap.  This is an exhortation to have the courage to try.  So why intro with a paragraph about how busy we are and how will be?  Because, life will probably always be busy.  As long as we live in this fast-paced American culture, there’s rarely going to be a “good” time to try new things, and there will probably never be the “perfect” time for it.  We have to create those moments for ourselves.

Having the Courage to Try

I recently applied for a new job (and got it!).  When I was contemplating if I should throw my resume at the listing Will sent me, he encouraged me with the age old adage “Nothing ventured; nothing gained.”  So I made the time and ventured, and God opened doors.  Sometimes we try new things and they don’t take off or they progress very slowly.  Like our grocery delivery and menu planning business – we made the time (a lot of it) to start that, but it’s progressing more slowly than the new job.

In both situations, we mustered up the courage to try something.  This is a lesson that we have been learning this year.  It’s not necessarily about the outcome as much as it is having the courage to try.

Try It

Our prayer, and the way we navigate life has always been to ask God to open the doors He wants us to walk through and close all others.  But inherent in that method is that we have the courage to knock on doors.  If we don’t knock how will we know what’s opened or closed?

Will’s a great example of this.  That man has gone to so many interviews.  He’s knocked on the doors of multiple companies, made it very far into the interview process, but at the final decision time – God closed the door. I respect that courage to put himself out there and to try. It might not have ended up in a new career, a move, a raise, x, y, or z…. but they have all been growing experiences and have given him glimpses into other careers which has helped him shape his desires for what he wants out of life and deepened his appreciation for where God has us right now.


So, nothing ventured; nothing gained.  What is it that you want to try, but haven’t worked up the courage to make a reality yet?

It could be something small and simple like homemade bread or recreating a favorite recipe your grandma makes.  Maybe you want to learn a new skill like website design or knitting. Maybe you want to buy a house, but you are too afraid to even knock on the door and find out if that’s a real possibility for you.  Maybe it’s your relationships – maybe you need the courage to try to get plugged in more and open up.   Maybe it’s applying for jobs to find out what is out there and begin figuring out what you want to do for a living. Maybe you want to lose a couple of pounds, be able to lift a certain weight, or run a certain distance, but you are afraid to make the lifestyle changes.

Whatever the task is that you are afraid of – try it.  Knock on that door. It might fling open and be easy to walk through, or it might open to some steep stairs to climb on the other side.  It might stay shut.  The important thing is that we try.  Courage, character, memories, talents…. All of these things require action.  Do you have the courage to try?

Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained