Things Above

Life is full.  Full of to do’s.  Full of love.  Full of people.  Full of moments.  Full.  Just plain full.  Sometimes it can be hard to keep your head about you.  Here’s the secret – keep your focus on things above. When we are looking above, we don’t notice the flood around us; we keep our head above water and get to take in the sky. 

Things Above
Life is full of to do’s and baby’s who don’t want to leave your side.

This year the Bible Study I attend (BSF – if you’re looking for something in dept I highly suggest it!) is studying the book of John.  The message of John is so singular.  Time and time again Jesus’ teachings and his actions boil down to this truth – keep your focus on God, or you’ll miss His better, bigger picture.

Will likes to quote Philippians 4:8 “Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.”  Jesus is all of those things. 

So often I go through my day focused on the flood.  I am thinking about what to make for dinner, trying to remember to put the laundry in the dryer (that struggle is real – not as real as the struggle to fold it is), being mesmerized by Charlie’s smile, and wondering how Izzy Pup can possibly shed any more.  I also work from home, so I juggle that in there as well.

Life is full.

But the message of the Gospel of John has challenged me.  Jesus came so that we might have life more abundantly (John 10:10).  More abundantly does not equal more full. It means truly satisfying and overflowing with joy.   Jesus wants to take my full life and make it abundant.  He wants to take my good life and make it great.  He wants to be at the center, in relationship with me, helping me, and being glorified through my life. This happens by shifting my focus to things above.

Things Above
Charlie loves the view point from up above. God is calling us to that same view point

So I challenge you this week to find something practical that you can do to shift your focus to things above.  For me it was changing the lock screen on my phone to something that would be a quick reminder to refocus. So what will you do?

Things Above
Think on this. It’s the source of the abundant life God wants for us.

Thankful Thursday 2017 Ed.

Thankfulness is a trait that Will and I have endeavored to set as a pillar of our marriage.  Considering we’ve only been married for about 4 1/2 years, I’d say that we are still early on in our marriage.  That pillar of being thankful is still being formed, and this year I plan to use this blog to help foster that.

One of my goals for 2017 is to blog weekly.  I have already failed the first two weeks… To accomplish this goal I realized that I need to ear mark a day for blogging, and Thursdays seem to jump out.  When Will and I were dating, for a while we gave is day of the week its own trait.  Thursdays were Thankful Thursday.   So, at least for the first part of the year, we are embarking on Thankful Thursday – 2017 Edition.

Thankful Thursday - 2017 Ed.

Here’s why I think Thankfulness is so important. If the love of money, or the love of more if you will, is the root of all kinds of evils (1 Tim. 6:10) – then thankfulness is the opposite.  Thankfulness is the root of all kinds of goodness.  Thankfulness fosters joy, it fosters generosity, it fosters love, patience, and selflessness. 

Short and sweet.  That is my goal for the year and my heart for this space.  I want the Pomeroy Life to keep building and strengthening that pillar of thankfulness.  I want to record our daughters smiles and frowns, firsts and falls. To cherish our friends and family. And ultimately to uplift God who blessed me with the breath in my lungs, His Son Jesus, and all the rest which is just the icing on the cake.

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

Here’s to 2017, to goals, to being thankful!  What are some of your goals for 2017?  What are you thankful for?

Bump Date – The 2nd 20 Weeks of our Pregnancy

Before I can share with you about our daughter’s birth and life so far, I feel the need to finish the story of our pregnancy.  The last update I gave was at 20 weeks – half way through the pregnancy.  At that point we were just about to find out the gender of the Little Pom Pom.  So much happened in that second half of the pregnancy!  It was a roller coaster of trips, parties/showers, doctor’s appointments, blood tests, emotions, and prayers.

Charlie’s grandmas, aunts, and “aunts” all contributed verses and prayers that we covered the wall behind the crib with before painting. These are prayers for her as she grows, for the person she will become and the life she will lead. Prayers to help her through whatever this world throws her way.

20 Weeks

The emotional roller coaster began with surrendering our anxieties about the health of our baby leading up to the 20 week anatomy scan.  We surrendered that anxiety and trusted in God’s plan for the pregnancy and the baby.

At 20 weeks we were told that Charlie was a perfect baby, but that we would need to have another ultrasound at 24 weeks because her head was measuring a little small.  They figured that was just an inaccurate measurement because of how active she was.

At the very end of week 20 we had our gender reveal!


In between weeks 20 and 24 I was referred to see a hematologist (blood doctor) for issues with my platelets (the cells in your blood that causes your blood to clot).  I have a platelet count below the normal range.  Come to find out, I have an antibody that destroys some of my body’s platelets, causing the lower count.  Thanks to all of the blood work I had to have done throughout the pregnancy I am now not nearly so bad about needles, but Will’s still not ok with them… I had to have my blood drawn weekly for almost the entire second half of the pregnancy.  More on that to come.

24-25 Weeks

This is when I transitioned into maternity pants.  I finally had an actual bump!  I didn’t just look like I had one too many pieces of pie after Thanksgiving dinner anymore!

24 Weeks!
24 Weeks!

The emotional roller coaster continued in week 24.  When we went in for Charlie’s growth check we found out that at 20 weeks she was measuring quite small, but her head was measuring very small.  She had grown since 20 weeks, even gained some ground, but her head was still small compared to the rest of her small self.  Because of this we were referred to the high risk doctor for a special ultrasound to find out if there was any cause for concern.

Week 25 – We went to the high risk doctor and had a super fancy ultrasound done – you could see the blood pumping through her heart!  The doctor told us “heads come in all shapes and sizes.  It’s what’s inside that matters, and what I see looks perfect.”  We were elated!  It was the first doctor’s appointment we had gone to in a couple of months and left without some possible bad news or some other test that needed run.  Nothing but good news!

resized_20160509_112131 20160509_112219

At this point we started registering and planning decorations for her room.  By the end of May we had purchased a jogging stroller (our first purchase lol), the crib was up, we got a steal on a glider off of Craigslist, and we had painted. Will’s mom and my mom had also pitched in their sewing skills to help make the curtains and the crib skirt.

img_20160528_200208 img_20160529_235232 img_20160513_182255 img_20160519_175518

28-32 Weeks

In June I had the opportunity to go back to Kansas for a week!  While I was there my sister through me the most amazing travel themed baby shower!  At the end of June we went to Texas for the wedding of one of my college roommates.

There are 4 generations of women in this picture =)
There are 4 generations of women in this picture =) My outfit actually was one of my grandmother’s maternity outfits!

In between the two trips was the dread gestational diabetes test… I failed the one hour test.  That meant I had to take the 3 hour test, which I barely passed.  Between those two tests and my weekly platelet count check I had my blood drawn six times that week… there were bruises. Barely passing the glucose test was a shock and meant I had to limit sweets and carbs some.

33-37 Weeks

July came before we knew it.  A good portion of this month was spent working on a special quilt for Charlie.  Both Will’s mom and my mom were a part of that process as well. We learned how to have a baby and started working with an amazing doula! Our friends and family blessed us with so many wonderful gifts, a beautiful shower, and the most precious prayer time. We also had our maternity pictures taken and celebrated our 4 year anniversary!  July was moving a long nicely.  Charlie was doing great, my belly just kept growing and growing, and I was still feeling pretty great considering I was 33-37 weeks pregnant.

20160702_163120 20160703_212349 20160720_234057_001 img_20160729_114617 received_1762749690660947 received_1762750257327557

But then it happened… my platelet count started dropping again.  There’s a threshold that you are supposed to be above in case you have to be administered any sort of anesthetic for an emergency c-section. I was rapidly approaching that threshold, and then I crossed it.  At 36 weeks they started me on steroids.  Steroids can mess with your blood sugar, so in addition to the medicine I had to start pricking my finger multiple times per day.

The bright side in all of this is that we had another ultrasound, and much to our surprise, our daughter was all caught up!  They told us that you would have never known we had been due to a small head size because her head (and everything other than her femur) was normal!   In fact, home girl had some seriously chubby cheeks!


At 37 weeks we found out that we would most likely be induced at 39 weeks if my platelet count was up and I had started dilating.  Strike while the iron is hot and not risk anything.

38-39 Weeks

At our 38 week appointment I had lost weight, and my belly wasn’t measuring right.  For those reasons we had another ultrasound that day to make sure that the steroids weren’t causing problems with my amniotic fluid levels.  Our doctor told us as we were going back to the ultrasound room “If this doesn’t come back normal you’ll be having your baby today instead of next week.”  Everything checked out though! So our induction was scheduled for the following week.


39 Weeks

Now the story of her birth is something I will leave for another time, but I want to close by saying that it was definitely God’s timing.  The night we went in for the induction my platelet count had dropped, and the next morning it had dropped below the acceptable threshold again – good thing I wasn’t planning on an epidural because I couldn’t have had one if I wanted it.  Labor and delivery went well.  Charlie was born.  She was healthy.  I was healthy.  And at 39 weeks and 1 day our pregnancy was over.  Now for the roller coaster of parenting.

20 Weeks – the Verse for our Child

Do you have verses that you pray over your life, your friends, or your family?  Are their certain verses that really remind you of a certain person or vice versa do certain people bring certain verses to mind?

Here’s a funny story –

Will and I are reading through the Bible this year.  We typically listen to the chapters for the day from our Bible app in the evenings.  One night as we were listening, I heard this verse that just hit me.  I knew that was the verse for the Little Pom Pom.  I knew it was supposed to be my prayer for this child. The next morning, I looked the verse up in my Bible so that I could underline it and write a note next to it.  Wouldn’t you know, there was already a note there from sometime in the past about how I wanted this verse to by my prayer and people’s reaction to Will and I’s future child.  Isn’t God funny like that!

Luke 1:66 and all who heard them laid them up in their hearts, saying, “What then will this child be?” For the hand of the Lord was with him.

This verse sort of concludes the story of the birth of John the Baptist.  It is talking about how the events leading up to John’s birth and his birth impacted people, causing them to give glory God, and recognize that God was clearly at work and with this new baby.

some pictures of the Little Pom Pom at 16 weeks. The elephant plays a recording of the Little Pom Pom's heartbeat and the book is our awesome pregnancy journal from our brother and sister-in-law.
some pictures of the Little Pom Pom at 16 weeks. The elephant plays a recording of the Little Pom Pom’s heartbeat and the book is our awesome pregnancy journal from our brother and sister-in-law.

I want nothing more and nothing less than that for the Little Pom Pom.  I want our friends, family, anyone else who hears about our child, and I especially want the Little Pom Pom to go through life with the confidence of this verse propelling and comforting him/her.

This verse (along with the prayers, words of encouragement, and verses spoken over us) was a source of peace and reassurance as we awaited our 20 ultrasound today.  There are so many ways that Satan can trip you up and lead you into a place of worry and anxiety during pregnancy.  Over the last month of this pregnancy Will and I found ourselves wandering down the path to anxiety and fear.  But you know what – God was so faithful to gently lead us out of that place and back to security and trust in His character and the knowledge that this child is HIS plan.

Little Pom Pom's precious hand that it likes to scratch its head with and punch me with!
Little Pom Pom’s precious hand that it likes to scratch its head with and punch me with!

Today, April 5, 2016, we had our 20 week anatomy scan ultrasound.  Everything checked out! The Little Pom Pom is an A++ baby.  An active, ornery, stubborn A++ baby.   He/she was squirming so much the ultrasound tech could hardly get the need measurements.  It took 10 minutes to get him/her to reveal the gender, and the whole time he/she kept sticking its tongue out!

Our precious, ornery little miracle =) This is the Little Pom Pom earlier today at 20 weeks.
Our precious, ornery little miracle =)
This is the Little Pom Pom earlier today at 20 weeks.

We feel so blessed and relieved to know that our child is developing correctly according to the medical world’s standards, but no matter what happens, we can rest assured that this baby is developing according to God’s plan.  And we, along with everyone else, can watch and say “What then shall this child be?” because the hand of the Lord is with him/her.

One last picture for kicks and giggles – this is what the ultrasound tech likes to refer to as “Terminator Baby” lol.

Life on the Run

This was a speech I gave this week.

How many of you have ever run some point?  This means we have something in common.

For me, my life on the run started at Age 4. At 4 I made two very key decisions that sculpted the rest of my life. Right now you’re probably doubting the ability to stick to a decision made at age 4, then you must not have anybody else with as much German and Irish stubbornness in them as I have.

Throughout my life those two decisions shaped my goals, the things that I pursued, and how I pursued them. I lived life on the run. I was on the run physically and metaphorically. Let me take a minute to tell you about that and how it got me where I am now.

Life on the Run

The first decision.

The first decision I made at 4 was to play soccer. I remember it clearly.  I was sitting on the couch with my parents watching the evening news, and they were doing a special about this new up and coming sport for kids – soccer. I told my parents that I wanted to play soccer, and I never looked back. I played from age 4 until I graduated college at 21.  Now here’s a secret about me – I’m actually not that great at soccer. My best attribute is my ability to run. I play midfield which means I run the whole field, the whole game.

life on the run
my senior season.

After my final college soccer season, I needed a new way to stay fit to maintain that jock identity I had developed and more importantly to look good in my wedding dress.  So I signed up for a half-marathon, and running turned into my sport of choice, if you will, for life after college. I’ve run four half marathons and one full marathon.  I actually qualified for the Boston Marathon, but I’m unable to run it in April now because we found out in December that were expecting our first child coming this August so that makes me 16 weeks pregnant right now.

The second decision.

I remember vividly, one night when I was 4 was sneaking out of bed, finding my parents, sitting with them in my yellow footy pajamas, and asking how to have Jesus in my heart. I grew up in a Christian home, and I was taught to take responsibility for my own faith, developing my own relationship with the Lord.  All throughout high school and college I spent my summers going on overseas mission trips. I actually took a year off of college to do a ministry internship. I met my husband in China where we were both on a mission trip. Throughout every season of my life throughout all the ups and downs, that one thing has been constant. No matter if I doubted or if I was on fire, God was always there.

life on the run
Some beautiful girls we saw on our trip to Haiti in 2015.

So what do these two things have to do with my life on the run?

No matter how good you are or try to be; crap still happens. I’ve had a pretty good life but there are plenty of things I tried to run from. I’ve tried to run from God, I’ve tried to run from responsibility, I’ve tried to run from the trials and not deal with them. And I’ve tried to do this by physically running. It used to be that when life got hard I would throw myself into soccer or I throw myself into my workouts – even to the point of injury. Because I was trying to to run away from what was happening on my life. Running and throwing myself into soccer was my way of trying to cope and escape. I was trying to put distance between myself and something.

Let’s face it.  No matter how far or fast you run – you can’t escape things.  You can never put enough distance between you and that thing.  You will always be living your life on the run.

Colorado 2015 (47)
No matter how far you run, it will never be far enough.

Through my college years, God taught me to stop running from and start running through things as I run towards Him and what He has for me. If you will run towards God, He will be faithful to run along side of you, to help you through it.   Stop trying to put a negative distance between you and whatever you are running from.  Run towards God, run through it, and put a positive distance of strength and healing between you and what life throws at you.

By running towards God I have found the courage to run through the trials. Even if that’s a scary unknown like going back to school for dietetics and starting to work for Trainer Joe. Or deciding to go to China where I met Will. Deciding to date a guy in Kentucky and then deciding to get married, move to Kentucky, and leave my family/life in Kansas. And now with this baby on the way, it’s knowing that God is running with me that keeps me calm.

life on the run
When you run towards God, you aren’t running alone.

My challenge to you is what are you running from? What are you running through? And what are you running to?  Spring is upon us.  To truly get out of the winters of our lives and enjoy the newness of spring – what trial or hard question do you need to run through instead of from?

Love and Prayers,

Bumpdate: First Trimester

first trimester

We are now officially out of the first trimester – 15 weeks along!  Although it definitely wasn’t the most fun, I still count myself pretty blessed!  Thankfully, it flew by!  It was a season of joy, celebration, adjusting, and new adventures!

first trimester
From left to right you are seeing weeks 4-7.



In the very beginning, I was tired, would get light-headed when I tried to run, Izzy wouldn’t leave me alone, and I did not have much appetite.  Thankfully, my energy level was pretty good over Christmas, and the nausea was only starting.  After we got back from Kansas the nausea really kicked in.  I had to eat AS SOON AS I woke up.  Some days I only wrestled the nauseous feeling till 10 or 11, other days it didn’t hit till the afternoon, and some days I wanted to lay on the couch in a ball all day long.  I had a headache about once a week.  I would rather feel nauseous than have a headache…. Tylenol doesn’t even put a dent in headaches for me, and headaches only make me feel more nauseous.

There was one weekend that was absolutely miserable, but we made it through!  We made it through

all of it thanks to the stocked cooler I kept in my car with me as I went from Trainer Joe’s group to Trainer Joe’s group.  Also thanks to my gracious husband who took care of me, did extra dishes, didn’t complain that we ate terribly for a time because I didn’t feel like cooking and only wanted to eat carbs, and didn’t question or get on me for spending way more time laying on the couch than ever before in our marriage.

Thankfully, my symptoms started subsiding about week 10 and are gone now!

first trimester
From left to right you are looking at 8, 12, 13, and 14. I think 9, 10, and 11 are on Will’s phone.


Well, there was finding out that we are pregnant for one, lol.  One of the best parts was the first appointment when we got to see the Little Pom Pom and hear its heartbeat for the first time! It was so reassuring and mind boggling!  The Little Pom Pom was only the size of a raspberry, but CLEARLY looked like a human…. but it also kinda looked like a gummy bear.

The excitement, joy, and God’s love that overflowed when we announced to our families and again when we told all of our friends.

Little Pom Pom at 8 weeks! He/She looked like a little gummy bear. =) So precious! From right to left you are looking at the head, arms, and legs.
Little Pom Pom at 8 weeks!
He/She looked like a little gummy bear. =) So precious!
From right to left you are looking at the head, arms, and legs.


One of the highlights of my life as a whole is the memory of telling Will that he’s going to be a dad.  There were also the highlights of sharing the joy with my family on Christmas Eve, telling Will’s family about a week later, and our friends.   Oh, and there were the people who didn’t know what we meant when we said that we were expecting lol!

Seeing the Little Pom Pom for the first time was surreal; I love having the ultrasound pictures to look at! Getting to record the heartbeat at our 12 week appointment!  Finally getting past the size of prune (we thought we were farther along than we were at the first appointment)!

Finally, a new tradition that Will and I started to help savor this season – Dinners at Cheesecake Factory after our doctor appointments.  We made this our little tradition because that is where Will happened to be taking me on a date the night that I told him.

We have a doctor’s appointment next week!  We’re nearly 4 months along!  So crazy to think that we’re only 5 weeks away from finding out the gender of the Little Pom Pom!

first trimester
Here we are at week 15!

How I told Will He’s going to be a Dad

Today I want to tell you the story of how I found out about the Little Pom Pom and how I told Will.  December 15th, 2015 was the day that our reality changed. We were not trying, we were trying to be the last hold outs in our friend group to join the parent club.

On December 11th our PRECIOUS niece Annabelle was born.  Holding her that evening was one of the happiest faces I have seen on Will in our 5 years together. In the car on the way home that evening Will started asking all kinds questions and worrying that we weren’t prepared for having a kid.  My response was “Its ok.  We don’t need to stress about it right now.  We have no reason to.  We don’t have a kid and we aren’t pregnant.”  Oh hindsight…

Will ecstatic to see his newborn niece!
Will ecstatic to see his newborn niece!

On December 14th, my good friend Joelle and I hosted a Christmas Cookie Swap for all of our girlfriends.  Afterwards she and I were talking and catching up, and she asked me about kids.  I told her we weren’t trying to jump on that train yet, but it would happen when God wanted it to.  I shared with her that I felt as if God had been softening my stubborn heart in that department.   She confirmed that by saying she had been watching the change happen in my heart as it was evidenced by the difference in my willingness to be affectionate toward her own children.

The next morning (December 15th) I took a pregnancy test, not because I was late (not abnormal), but because I have always wanted to be able to tell my family in person whenever that time comes. We were leaving for Kansas on the 18th, and on the off chance that we were pregnant I wanted to be able to tell them.

Much to my surprise, the test was positive! And for the first time in my life, my brain was TOTALLY BLANK.

To be sure that this was not a fluke, I took a second test at work later that morning, and it was only faintly positive.  Now I am really not sure what’s going on! I made a doctor’s appointment that afternoon.  When the doctor walked in the room she said “Well, you are definitely pregnant!”

So now to tell Will.

After the doctor’s office, I went to round up what I needed for telling Will.  I was late getting home, so before coming inside I changed into my gym clothes so Will wouldn’t ask me where I had been! Lol!

Will had a really nice Christmas date planned for us that evening (perfect timing!).  We were getting dressed up, going to the Cheesecake Factory, driving around to look at Christmas lights and deliver Christmas cards, and coming home to wrap presents and watch Star Wars IV.  So I decided to tell him with a gift at the end of the night.

When we got home from our date Will went to get some boxes for wrapping the presents in.  In the meantime, I took the clean Home Depot apron his store manager gave me that afternoon, wrote “DAD August 2016” on the apron, filled the box with pom poms and the positive pregnancy test, and wrapped it.

how I told Will

how I told Will
What was inside the box

Later in the evening when I finally convinced him to open the present his face was the happiest I have ever seen!  He pulled me into his lap and could say nothing but “SERIOUSLY?!” for the next few minutes.  To this day I think he glows more than I do.

how I told Will
This is the happiest that I have ever seen Will! Probably my favorite picture of him ever!

Sorry for the length of this post, but I never want to forget a moment of this adventure! Especially the joy and love of finding out and how I told Will.

Soon I will post about telling our family and friends too. Thank you for treasuring and celebrating this child with us!

Feb. 7th – My Favorite Day – Announcing the Little Pom Pom!

February 7th is one of our favorite days of the year.  It’s our “Valentine’s Day.”  Five years ago it was Super Bowl weekend and a farm boy from Kentucky (Will) had come all the way to Kansas to take a jock he met in China out on our first date.  February 7th is the day that Will and I officially started down this road of life together.

Last year on February 7th we purchased our first home!   This year on February 7th we filled our home with some of our favorite people and announced the coming our first child!  Little Pom Pom coming Aug 22nd (ish), 2016!!!!

I could tell you story after story of our shock in finding out we are pregnant, our conversations, my irrational fear that we weren’t actually pregnant, when we heard the heart beat and saw the little gummy-bear-looking baby growing inside of me, family and friends’ reactions, and ways that God has already blessed and reassured us that this is HIS timing and HIS story. I am not going to tell you those stories right now.  For now pictures are worth a thousand words.

Will and I took engangement pictures at this street sign almost 4 years ago. It seemed like the perfect prop for announcing the next addition to the Pomeroy Family!
Will and I took engagement pictures at this street sign almost 4 years ago. It seemed like the perfect prop for announcing the next addition to the Pomeroy Family!
We found out just before Christmas, so we used this picture to tell our families about the awesome Christmas present we had for them!
We found out just before Christmas, so we used this picture to tell our families about the awesome Christmas present we had for them!

Little Pom Pom - Coming Aug 2016

At our first doctor's appointment! It's really real!
At our first doctor’s appointment! It’s really real!
Little Pom Pom at 8 weeks! He/She looked like a little gummy bear. =) So precious! From right to left you are looking at the head, arms, and legs.
Little Pom Pom at 8 weeks!
He/She looked like a little gummy bear. =) So precious!
From right to left you are looking at the head, arms, and legs.




January 2016 – Looking Back and Looking Forward

Where to begin?  Somehow, January is nearly over.  The end of 2015 came with a whirlwind of homework (Organic Chemistry is a life eater…), a transition in jobs, weddings, all that the holidays entail, and plenty of other things to fill in any gaps that were left.

Looking back at last year, two things are very apparent.

1) Yes, we did a lot.

2) But God did a lot more.

January 2016
Our 2015 top 9…. although I really needed like a top 25 grid.

Looking back at 2015, there are many memories to look back on and cherish. We bought our first house! We had the chance to explore the mountains Colorado and share the love of Jesus in the shadow of the mountains of Haiti.   We bought our first car!  Devra ran her first marathon, and qualified for the Boston Marathon!  She started a new job with Trainer Joe’s Health and Weight Loss.

We had the privilege to open our home to two amazing roommates and the joy of living life in community.  We were exposed to the adventures of home ownership having to replace the furnace and water heater and getting to build, hang, and make the Walsh House our own.

Pausing for Thankfulness

Yes, we did all of those things, but that is also where item 2 comes into play. Through all of those and many other everyday adventures this year we continued to learn and see that God has a plan, and He always provides.  We don’t always know what His plan is, His timing, or how He is going to provide, but that’s part of what makes life an adventure.

2015 was a year of opening up our home and hearts to those around us.  A year of putting down roots while also looking to the future.  It has been a fast year, but a full year too.  It was a year of blessings, stresses, opportunities, challenges, and overall it was a year that left us saying “Wow God! You are amazing, and You are here!”

January 2016
Christmas Day 2015

Looking forward to the rest of 2016, we have set some goals:

  • Spiritual – Read through the Bible and pray together daily.
  • Work – For Will, to continue to give his best at work and continue developing himself as a leader and manager.  For Devra, to learn and grow in her new role with Trainer Joe’s and help grow the business this year.
  • School – For Devra to continue doing her best and getting the best grades she can.
  • House – get the office set up, hang curtains, organize the garage.
  • Dreams – Get chickens and have a better garden than last year.  Continue to pray about and pursue our dreams.
  • Relationships – find practical and intentional ways to serve and invest in each other. Find ways to be a better friend to our friends.

Those are just a few of our goals for the coming year, and so far I think that we are doing pretty good!  BUT it is only January still; we will see what the next 11 months bring! Whatever they throw our way, we know that God is for us.  He is always on our side.  He will always make a way and provide the grace that we need for this life. And if there’s one theme we’ve seen in our marriage it’s to not underestimate God. I am sure we will learn that even more this year.

January 2016
2016 here we come!

Pausing for Thankfulness

This evening, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, & all weekend – let’s commit to be present. Click To Tweet

Thanksgiving is my husband’s favorite holiday.  I am not kidding when I say that he starts looking forward to it in September.   He LOVES the food, but I think it is more than that too.  Will is what I call “a notice of life.”  He notices the small sights hidden along the path to the big horizon view. As such, I think he appreciates Thanksgiving because it lines up with his character.  He is grateful for the reminder to notice and be thankful for all that he has.

there really aren't enough ways to say how thankful I am for Will and for our marriage. Sure we frustrate each other sometimes, we get busy and don't see much of each other sometimes, but then there are the moments when you pause and realize how thankful you are for the other person no matter what.
there really aren’t enough ways to say how thankful I am for Will and for our marriage. Sure we frustrate each other sometimes, we get busy and don’t see much of each other sometimes, but then there are the moments when you pause and realize how thankful you are for the other person no matter what.

This year I want to be particularly thankful.  We have so many things that we take for granted.  It’s easy to be caught up in the chase of financial security, a better title at work, a bustling social calendar, a trendier closet, or just a life that is more convenient.

I have nothing against convenience, saving for retirement, promotions, social life, or decent clothes.  In fact, I like all of those things and pursue all of those things.  What I am trying to rewire my brain to do is be against the constant pursuit of the next thing and more things. Where is the time to appreciate what you have?

So this evening, Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, and this whole weekend – let’s commit to be present with our friends and family.

Let’s commit to noticing and observing the details of our lives.

I have officially lived for a quarter of a century
I have officially lived for a quarter of a century
Last month we celebrated having Izzy for 3 years =)
Last month we celebrated having Izzy for 3 years =)
I am thankful for my mom, and the simple but profound pleasure, comfort, community, energy, and delight that a cup of coffee brings
I am thankful for my mom, and the simple but profound pleasure, comfort, community, energy, and delight that a cup of coffee brings
My mom came and spent the weekend doing life with me =)
My mom came and spent the weekend doing life with me =)
It's so great to have community to go through life with, and celebrating them is even more of a blessing than being celebrated yourself!
It’s so great to have community to go through life with, and celebrating them is even more of a blessing than being celebrated yourself!

Over the next few days let’s examine that we live in the “first world,” and consequently, we have so much to be thankful for.  Most of our problems are #firstworldproblems.  For example, I am going to be thankful for the iPads (yes plural) and the desktop computer we have rather than being frustrated by the fact that my laptop died.

Let’s commit to taking inventory and counting our blessings – OUR blessings.  The blessings we have – not counting and comparing the blessings someone else has or that we wish we had.

Let’s commit to pausing for thankfulness.

Put on your stretchy pants and fill your belly, but let’s also have stretchy hearts – bursting at the seams with gratitude for all the things God has done, all the things God has protected us from, and all the love that He has filled our lives with.

And then there is this beautiful world that God has placed me in. If you can't be thankful for anything else, look around - beauty is everywhere.
And then there is this beautiful world that God has placed me in. If you can’t be thankful for anything else, look around – beauty is everywhere.
Put on your stretchy pants ,fill your belly, but also have stretchy hearts; full of gratitude. Click To Tweet