Our Story

Our Story

Life is an adventure. Every moment of it. This is the space for recording and sharing the many adventures of Will and Devra Pomeroy – big ones, small ones, and everything in between. =)

Swimming with the stingray in Grand Cayman on our honeymoon.

He is the BEST at making me laugh!



A semester later, Will surprised me on Chinese New Year, made me a homemade dinner, got down on one knee, asked me to marry him, and then we watched the Giants win the conference championship!

At the end of that semester, I graduated and moved to Kentucky. Two months later, in July of 2012 we tied the knot!  Now it’s our time to make our own story.  No more long distances to traverse or late night phone calls.  Just us making our impact on the world together – whatever that may look like.


Pinky Promise!

Pinky Promise!


Right now we are in Lexington. Will is finishing his thesis for a Masters in Biosystems Engineering and working at Home Depot.    I am an administrative assistant and starting back to school for Nutrition. We have a dog.  Not exactly sure what she is; some sort of blueheeler mix.  Her name is Izzy, and with her 2 different colored eyes she is one of the prettiest and most energetic dogs you will meet.  She is also our child and the source of endless sweeping up pan-fulls of fur.


She doesn't like the car... sometimes I take sympathy on her and let her on my lap even though she doesn't realize she is too big for it...
She doesn’t like the car… sometimes I take sympathy on her and let her on my lap even though she doesn’t realize she is too big for it…


It took a little while but after joining a ministry to help serve the marginalized neighborhoods of Lexington we stumbled into an awesome circle of friends who are quickly becoming our family.

We keep pretty busy.  Between work, school, keeping our house clean, playing with our dog, and our hobbies.  Here are some of our hobbies that you can look forward to seeing on the blog:

Christmas 2013